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    Does everyone have that one trail that they love to ride? You’re having trouble on deciding where to go, and you ultimately end up there because it’s your favorite? Give it a plug!

    Me? I love Cutler Park. Only a few miles of trails, but for Massachusetts, they’re rolling, smooth, some cool wall rides, drops, jumps, and nice scenery.


    We [i:19g18rto]did[/i:19g18rto] have a “home” trail, but now that we’re in Colorado, I gotta find a new one.


    Goes by the season

    Spring: Pioneer Trail in Nevada city

    Summer: Downieville for shuttle runs

    Fall: Demo/Nissine in Santa Cruz or Angwin in Napa

    Winter: Anandale state park

    “B” find a home

    Riding is life all else is waiting

    "Bombardier" wrote

    We [i:3o1jdmbf]did[/i:3o1jdmbf] have a “home” trail, but now that we’re in Colorado, I gotta find a new one.

    My former (Colorado Springs) home trails were [trail=24]Palmer Park[/trail] and [trail=7]Captain Jack’s[/trail]. You should check them out Bomb.

    Last year I would have said [trail=622]Chapel Hill High School[/trail] but this year it’s turning out to be [trail=722]Beaverdam[/trail]. I guess I have a hard time settling because there is no singletrack within 12 miles of my house, makes it hard to go anywhere consistently. In fact, the one ride I do the most is on the road from home to school 😢


    My favorite “home” trail would be Owl’s Roost. I think it is the best trail in the Triad area of NC. Great mix of a lot of cool stuff. Combine it with a trip down the greenway to Country Park and you are set for a nice ride.

    "yellowXtrek" wrote

    My favorite “home” trail would be Owl’s Roost. I think it is the best trail in the Triad area of NC. Great mix of a lot of cool stuff. Combine it with a trip down the greenway to Country Park and you are set for a nice ride.

    [trail=652]Owl’s Roost[/trail] is the shizzle, especially since they added the “roller coaster” section with the fast banked turns. Too bad we don’t live closer…


    My favorite home trail in Colorado was Hall Ranch. You can’t beat the combination of technical rock gardens and sweeping singletrack with a spectacular view of Long’s Peak from the old Nelson Ranch pasture. Even though it’s crowded most times, it’s still the best trail on the Front Range, in my opinion.

    My home trail in Georgia is Bear Creek. It’s the best trail in Georgia in my opinion. It has a lot of climbing, but the payoff (6 miles of downhill, great views, rhododendrons, thick forests, stream crossings) makes all the work totally worth it.


    I live in Louisville and work in Georgetown so I drive past the Capital View Park trail twice a day. I feel “naked” if my crappy little Cavalier doesn’t have my mtb hanging off the back of it “just in case”. I would hate to drive by a nice mtb trail on a nice day and not have my bike with me.


    Pueblo South Shore ….of course its really the only place within an hour of here so that give’s it an advantage… Lair ‘O’ the bear/ Bear Creek Is a good time in denver. 😆


    McCkerricher state park sand dunes:). Its fun. I just did it today and had a pretty cool crash. i tryed to wheely off this this mini drop onto a run of sand, and i sunk the front tier into the sand like up the the axle thingy. it was awesome, i have this nice bruse on my chest.


    My favorite home trail would be Kathryn Abby Hanna Park since it’s about 20 min. from my house. I have only been mountain biking a few times but Hanna seems the best.


    My home trail used to be Lake McMurtry, Stillwater, OK. Sweet flowing flatlander singletrack – about 30 miles worth. Four different trails (about 7 miles each) to keep someone interested. There was enough ravines, rock gardens, and short rocky climbs for technical stuff.

    I just moved to Laramie, WY. Happy Jack or Vedauwoo will likely become my new home trail because of proximity. Each are great networks that contrast each other and offer about 40? miles of trail combined. However, there are some more trails that I need to check out on the Medicine Bow NF about 30 miles west. I heading there today. Happy riding. 😃


    My home trail would have to be Lake Norman State Park. It provides a good combination of uphill and downhill action it is also the closest trail to my home.


    Tesquequite Arroyo (A.K.A. Sycamore Canyon in Riverside…Not Poway/San Diego) would be my weekly riding that is close to home. It’s a “Wilderness Park” on the edge of a city. I hit it about three days a week…

    The terrain is alot of steep climbs and some fairly technical downhills. I usually do between 10-18 miles, depending on which combinations of trails I ride…or how burnt I get on the first half of the ride…I met a guy who eeks out a 28 mile ride three days a week in the area. He said he uses about 2/3 of the trails and thinks there is about 40-45 miles worth packed into this area…

    I change some things up each ride…

    Not bad!


    well my fav home trail really doesn’t have a name its by a high schol of peachers mill in clarksville TN its a huge taril network and has eveything from basic stuff to some really tricky spots. lots of down hill and stream crossings as well 😃


    As of now it is Rodalben Germany. However, I will have to find a new one in August as I will be moving to Colorado Springs. Bomb, if you have found one by then, let me know so I can check it out.


    It’s most definitely Palmer Park now!

    That place is really nifty, and the trails there are a mixture of everything from kiddie slopes to bustification rides that’ll reave you really good if you’re not careful.

    There’s one section of trail there, the Palmer Point trail, that has a nice serpentine buffed singletrack heading downhill, with an excellent little collection of kickers in it for some sweet airtime.

    I felt all unnesessary, and kinda squidgey after riding it….. So I had to do it again.


    I usually go to Briones, it’s a nice little network with a lot of hills. It’s not very technical though. 😢


    My favorite trail in Highlands ranch is a 25 mile loop that includes a climb up to a highschool and singletrack on its hill then to a bike park by a rec center. It has a few good climbs and fast flowing singletrack.

    My favorite ride in the Front range has to be Indian Creek, there are sime good climbs and some really fun downhills. 😃


    Mine would be the shoreline trails around horsetooth reservoir, I live about 1 mile from the foothills so this is the easiest to get to. Maxwell, the trail behind the CSU stadium, is kind of tricky for me, but once you get up to the dams road (centennial), the trails are pretty fun from there. My favorite loop is to head north on shoreline and then end up on the trail that descends to michaud lane … I don’t know the name of that one. Then just cruise home on Overland Trail (actually a road).
    Or descend toward West Laport on any one of 2 trails whose names escape me to my office, a nice mtn bike commute in the AM! Just not for the mornings when I’m carrying my laptop ;)

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