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    Hi guys just Curious to know pros and cons for these bikes and which would ride better. Giant reign sx1 or trek remedy 8.


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    Both good bikes. The Giant is a touch longer, and has a couple degrees more slack fork angle. It will be better on fast, sweeping downhill trails. Trek will be a little more nimble in tight stuff and probably climb a touch better and feel a bit lighter in the front end.

    I demoed the Reign and on fast downs, I loved it. I felt much faster than on any other bike I demoed. But I ended up with an Evil Insurgent, which I liked much better for the trails we have here, not many long hills. The Insurgent in the normal shock setting has similar geometry to the Remedy.

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    I like the Remedy better just because it is designed to for up to 2.8in wide tires. 2.6-2.8 tires on i30-35 rims is what I think is the mountain bike wheel sweet spot—wide but not too heavy.


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