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    Hey Folks at Singletracks (Aaron I’m looking at you),

    I love the Five 2 Ride articles. They give me inspiration about places to ride when traveling. This year I have several work trips I know I have to take, and would like to take my bike with me. However I have a hard time finding the 52R articles. I try using the search box at the top of the website, but that thing sucks out loud. Go ahead. Try it. You’ll get a couple of the actual Five 2 Rides, and a bunch of other useless junk.

    Currently I’m looking for the Pennsylvania one.

    Maybe in the “mtb trails” link you could have a page for all of them? When you do visit the “mtb trails” there’s sometimes a 52R article, but I’d like to be able to list them so I can browse them when I have an opportunity to go somewhere.

    I know there’s a whole page per state that shows all of the trails, and maybe the 52R should go there.


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    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the series!

    Thanks for the suggestion about Five2Ride link placement. I tried searching Five2Ride Pennsylvania and the article you’re looking for is actually the first result. 🙂

    You can also view an archive of every Five2Ride ever written here:

    Happy trails!

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      Thanks for finding the link for me.

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    This is a great idea, should make it a quick click on your front page.

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