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    So i literally created an account just to provide some input… seriously.

    Below, in no specific order, is my current playlist. Note that I train with music and usually race without. This is especically true of the centuries.



    Hope this helps






    Right now?

    Grouplove – Good Morning

    Empire of the Sun – High and Low

    Night Riots – Breaking Free

    Anything in the Modern Alternative Rock genre is my go-to anywhere including the trail.  But I mix it up with pop, hip-hop, motown too when I need variety.  I usually only wear headphones on the trail if I’m close to certain that I’m the only one there (off times, etc.) and once I see the first other rider the headphones go off.


    Jeff, in that vein, a recent Santa Cruz ad used the song “Higher Power” by Joe Gideon and the Shark.  I love that song, and every time I listen to it now it makes me think about biking through Scotland like Steve Peat.


    R.I.P. Biggie!  20 years ago today …


    What about listening to the birdies? I bike to get out in nature.  I have trouble understanding riders who want to shut that out with headphones and I despise the knuckleheads who bring speakers in to the woods.


    Monstercat – Best of Future Bass Mix 2016. It’s a huge conglomeration of like 15 songs. However, I rarely ride with music.



    What about listening to the birdies? I bike to get out in nature.  I have trouble understanding riders who want to shut that out with headphones and I despise the knuckleheads who bring speakers in to the woods.

    Speakers are lame…no matter how awesome your tunes are (mine freaking rule!!! Still, you nimrods will probably hate them) someone thinks it sucks and NO ONE wants to hear it.  Yes, you too @presali.

    That said, I like having my own soundtrack and after years (back to walkmans and cassettes, no shit) of trial and error, this is the best bang for your buck. You hear everything around you as well as your tunes and yet you won’t bother anyone. Party.


    I have to agree with Joe. Tunes in the car before and after rides are great, but blasting music in the woods is not the best idea. Not everyone is gonna like your music, and it’s great ammunition for the anti-biking crowd to get trails closed to bikes. If land managers think mountain bikers are all about blasting music into the sounds of nature, bike access could drop on their list of priorities. I’d love to blast the sounds of Rammstein, the Grateful Dead, and Miles Davis as I roll down the trails, but respecting the parks, nature/wildlife, and other trail users is also important.


    Like many others here, I don’t typically listen to music while I ride. The exception is if I’m doing laps on a meh trail or riding laps around Stone Mountain on a road bike.

    Some of the stuff I’m listening to in no particular order:

    • Tame Impala
    • The Roots
    • Anderson .Paak
    • Horse Thief
    • De La Soul
    • D.R.A.M.
    • Logic
    • Phantogram
    • Run The Jewels

    Come on and Dance-Motley Crue

    Kyrie-Mr. Mister

    Got Your Six-FFDP


    Jump.  Van Halen

    AC DC.  You shook me all night long

    Def Leppard.   Pour some Sugar on me

    music died around 1995    There isn’t much good new music now a days.  Even good RAP music died about the same time in the 90’s


    Not on the trails, but on the ride over…

    Nirvana – “Downer”

    STP – “Sex Type Thing”

    Foo Fighters – “Wattershed”



    I don’t often listen to music when I ride but for some reason I often break out into song.  Nearly always the same ones:

    La vie en Rose

    Only the Lonely


    I can loop Supersonic by Bad Religion,  that song get the heart and legs pumping.


    I like the songs by RUSH and here are my top 5 riding songs

    1. Time stand still

    2. Tom saywer

    3. Closer to the heart (for mellow rides)

    4. Far cry

    5. Fly by night


    <p style=”text-align: center;”></p>
    Feels- Calvin Harris, Katy Perry
    Where Is My Mind- Pixies
    Streets of Bakersfield- Buck Owens.


    I never ride with music playing, however I always hear “please don’t fall down” in my head a lot.


    While biking, I often listen to post hardcore, metalcore and punk rock bands. Try bands like Sienna Skies, Senses Fail, Adept, Underoath, Rise Against or The Amity Affliction. This music resonates with energy and makes my rides more enjoyable.


    Ha ha I guess you didn’t see the ear bud thread. …… anyways.

    Anything with a fast beat or good rock….

    AC/DC-Dirty Deeds to get the ride started.

    Some Metallica- Sandman

    a little Eminem to piss you off, then some Techno or dance  to keep it rolling.


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