Electric mountain bikes banned… on NYC streets?

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    This seems pretty crazy to me.


    E-bikes seem well suited to urban deliveries (not to mention commuting,) but apparently pedestrians have a problem with them. Couldn’t they just require every e-bike to have a bell or noise generator or something? And what about the silent Teslas and Priuses sneaking up on people?! 🙂

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    I think ebikes are going to continue taking a beating from all directions until some big enough corporate names get behind them to purchase enough politicians to get the laws to fall in their favor.

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    While I’m not overly enthusiastic about e-bikes on trails, I think e-bikes are perfect for urban places where they could be used for non-recreational purposes like commuting or working. It seems to be a pretty big stretch to suggest that e-bikes are dangerous because they are quiet and fast. If you lack the sense of spatial awareness to sense an oncoming bike wouldn’t you be just as vulnerable to cars/trucks, cosmic debris, disgruntled birds? I guess now New York’s finest will be tasked with enforcing the e-bike menace instead of fighting real crime. Again, I just don’t see the necessity for outright ban, as if e-bikes are the antichrist (debatable, maybe) or something. There must be some shady reason for this that we aren’t aware of other than the ‘potential danger.’

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    Ahhhhh, step one in the demise of e-bikes. ????

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    The question marks at the end of my comment were actually a smiley face with a wink.  I was in a way hinting at my opinion about e-bikes (i.e. I don’t think they should be allowed on non-motorized trails), but I wasn’t saying that I think they have no place at all on trails.


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