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    My latest build is pissing the wifey off, I need my wheels so I can go ride!

    Bikes should never be the point of conversation when talking about landscaping. Am I alone here? What do you boys & girls do?

    I might build a few jumps instead of a waterfall lol



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    Build a jump over the waterfall, then it’s a win-win!

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    lol yes

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    It is a balancing act for sure. I keep a completely separate account at another bank for my toys. That way she doesn’t see expenses or what I pay for what I do.  As long as it doesn’t impact the home and family, I do as I please.

    Kinda like the line from Gladiator…. When Maximus asks Cicero..

    Maximus “You don’t find it hard to do your duty?”

    Cicero “Sometimes I do what I want to do. The rest of the time, I do what I have to.”


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    A friend of mine always buys black bikes. That way the new bike looks similar to the old bike and doesn’t arouse any suspicion.

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    It’s a dangerous game for sure… I got away with buying a new bike on January 1st. Immediately after we found out she was pregnant, so I JUST got under that finish line! No new bikes for 18 years. 🙂

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    I got lucky, the wife bought me a new bike for Christmas 🙂  I did buy her a new road bike for her birthday, so I’m sure that helped…

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    Like the old saying goes “I hope when I die my wife doesn’t sell my bikes for what I said they cost!” I don’t hear any grief over the bikes but I do over the time.

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    ‘Either/or’ never works out well.  Got to find the way to both and lesser.


    Smaller water feature, lower gruppo line?

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    It is definitely harder to buy a new one when you have a child. I rode my last bike for close to 10 years.  The important thing to me was to buy one that you feel will be relevant for a while and you can update as you go.  That philosophy kept me riding on a decent bike for quite a while!  Of course, the recent frequent changes in popularity of wheel size has made that a bit harder!

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    I think buying the wife a new bike(whether she needs it or not), helps when it’s time to buy your bike

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    For me having two boys under the age of 5 I am lucky to have a wonderful wife. I just got a 2016 Trek Top Fuel. I backed off a little and got the aluminum version. Find a way to get her equal cash for her thing.

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      I have young kids as well.  Finding time to ride is almost harder than finding money for a bike.

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    Do not under estimate the power of subliminal messages. You need to start slow and subtle… If you’re going to start using drugs, you’re not going to hit the IV crack from the get go, are you? Position yourself and your iPad while you survey your bike of choice so that your SO can see what you’re looking at. Say things like, “Hey, this bike is kinda cool…” and “A hardtail would be nice for the wintertime…” Then wait a couple days. Start complaining about how your current bike is sucking because the industry keeps changing wheel sizes and hub distances. She won’t get it, but she’ll understand a reasonable need. Move the conversation along over the next week or two with less and less subtle comments. You are essentially priming her to where eventually she will approach you asking YOU when plan on buying that bike.

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    I just say “Hey, I’m thinking of getting a new bike”. then we make sure the budget is right, and when it is, I get the bike. No smoke and mirrors; no hiding; no guilt. I don’t buy a new bike every month, and that helps.  I actually have to be more carefull with what I spend on baseball/football/hockey cards. Smaller expenses, but they happen more often. Luckily, she also likes to ride, so it is an easy sell in the end.

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    Awesome stuff guys


    the bike is built and all is well, she was just in one of those moods lol

    i did work the bike in slowly and she did give the go ahead but I originally said I’d build it over a couple of months. Not really sure what I was thinking when I said that lol


    took my first ride yesterday and it was awesome



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    Definitely a fine line. I’ve been managing to keep a 4 bike minimum for a while simply because that’s what I had before we were married. Instead of N+1, I submit S-1, where S is the number of bikes needed to become single again!

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      They’re definitely smarter than they let on to be.  “He thinks I don’t know” is what they tell each other lol



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    Only purchase bikes of the same color.  My wife has no clue when I buy a new bike or sell an old one because they are all the same color.  They never pay attention to the details….especially when its something we like…haha

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    I sell stuff from my other hobbies to cover for my expenses.

    “But honey, I sold 2 of my DSLR lenses (~$1200 each) to cover for the new bike. The lenses were not being used anyway, and the new bike is for keeping me fit and looking good for you. I can also now ride with my brother when he comes to visit.”

    Buying upgrades is easier than buying a whole new bike. I also use the trick of buying white bikes only. They all look the same to her.    🙂

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    my wife runs the accounts and is keen up on what I do in the garage. Buying a new bike is easier said than done.  But since there is an overstock of options (for now) for 26 in bikes i’ll just upgrade components as needed. Those mega 9 shifters have seen the better part of a decade, dear. Oh and new shifters new need derailleurs I don’t know why but that’s how it works.

    Although what I really need is a new road bike right now something in this century would be nice. But since my champagne taste and beer budge is a problem right now, my friendly LBS and my wife’s consent to utilize it will have to do.

    OH and they’re smarter than they let on to be, if they’re not that doesn’t sound like a fun marriage then. different strokes for different folks i guess.  I got young kids too and the best thing to do is take them with, unless you’re a bad ass free rider, but a buggy ride is well worth their joy over your shredding it up.

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    Chris Daniels, that is EXACTLY what I do with my wife! Haha, if she thinks shes in control, and its her idea, shes much more likely to do it. Ive used that strategy for a while now. Usually works. Haha

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