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    I’ve only been reading this forum for a few months (forgive me if this is an old topic) but it appears we’ve got folks from all four corners of the globe here and I’m betting there are some pretty “interesting” trail stories among us.

    So I’d like to know what’s are some of the weird, crazy things you’ve seen out on the trails? i.e. people behaving badly, weird/scary wildlife, crazy weather events, etc. — things that made you raise an eyebrow and say WTF?! aloud.


    A nude man taking a selfie.




    Random teens smoking pot.



    I got -extremely- lost riding in a nearby county wildlife park many years ago; ended up coming off a trail and dumping out on some old, long abandoned, logging road. Saw a car, trunk open and a guy with elbow length black rubber gloves taking small black trash bags out of the trunk of the car and into the woods. I rode by, said “hello” “nice weather”…. he just stared at me, did not say a damn word.

    ….. spent the next three weeks combing the papers; seeing if anyone’s wife was missing as I was thinking that might be what was in those bags. Nothing ever did pop up.  :- O


    I ride in the city a lot, so the weird stuff I tend to see involves people behaving badly. I’ve seen bad guys just before they fire their weapons (twice), naked people, and countless homeless folks bedding down in out-of-the-way places.

    I’ve also found tons of random trash, including bowling balls and even a giant chile pepper taken from a Chili’s restaurant.

    Despite seeing all of this, I’m still surprised by finding new and unusual things on the trail! Discovery is probably one of the chief reasons I ride bikes.


    Night Ride, at a rural county park in Iowa, <Mallory Park .

    Group of us show up to ride, there are no other cars in the parking lots….We head out, do a 3 mile loop, we back track over some of the route on the way back to the trucks, and we come up to a wicker chair sitting in the middle of the trail…..Freaky…. no one to be found…just a lonely wicker chair sitting in the middle of the single track, that we rode over 50 mins previous….worst part was we were all freaked and didn’t enjoy a cold one in the lot after our ride.



    Wife and I were riding and was taking a short stretch of fire road to the next trail. We ran across a young lady riding a Hello Kitty “mountain bike” that was obviously from a big box store.  Her helmet, shirt, shorts and socks were all Hello Kitty. We talked with her and she asked how far to a boat launch. It was a solid 7 miles on the fire road that gets more and more hilly as you go. It was summer time and she had one  water bottle. She took an uber to the trail head (fire road) and was going to uber at the other end.


    I ride trails that go right by a college.  I mostly see kids smoking dope or drinking in the woods.  I have seen;

    I saw two guys rotissering a fat chic while filming it.  They were right in the middle of the trail.  All three tried to shuffle out of the way

    Saw 3 guys, dressed in black trench coats with white painted faces and top hats, playing with cardboard swords on the trail at night.   They were deer in the head lights frozen when I went by.

    Two guys smoking dope that got so scared when I came racing up behind them at night, that they didn’t know which way to run, they kept crisscrossing the trail trying to get out of the way, but had no where to go because of the trees.  I was riding a fat bike with a 3000 lumen headlight, they probably thought they were going to get run over by a truck.

    But the weirdest thing was a duck waddling down a narrow singletrack, nowhere near any water.   It wouldn’t get off the trail and had no intention of going any faster.  It just would look back and quack at me.



    LMAO Bacon fat!   Now -that-  is the kind of stuff that would actually make me seriously consider buying a GoPro. 😉

    …thanks for sharing.


    Arizona-Tucson-Tucson Mountain Park
    When lost and wandering off on apparently abandoned trails, came across a a bunch of empty blue plastic 55 gallon drums and some other containers where it appeared things had been mixes.  Portable meth lab?  Mad scientist?  Illegal industrial waste dumping?  Who knows?

    Arizona-Tucson-50 Year Trail
    Sprinting roadrunner with a coyote in hot pursuit; just like in the cartoon except the road runner didn’t have a purple topknot

    North Dakota-Watford City-Maah Daah Hey Trail
    Dude standing atop a small bluff and . . . well . . .  relieving himself (he wasn’t taking a leak).

    Colorado-Colorado Springs-United States Air Force Academy-Falcon Trail
    Two teenage girls, presumably dependents of Air Force personnel, making out.  I assumed they’d hear me, but they were lost in their activity–by the time I announced myself, they were quite shocked.

    Colorado-Colorado Springs-Bear Creek Regional Park
    I bike commute (mostly on dirt).  So, like Jeff, my rides through the city are fertile with crazy sightings, usually involving homeless people.  One sticks out in my mind–an old dude, dirty, unshaven, ragged in every possible way, hunched over a makeshift hibachi, grilling up what looked like the most gorgeous 72oz slab of steak I’ve ever seen.  It was huge!  He certainly wasn’t going to eat it himself.

    Colorado-Colorado Springs-Bear Creek Regional Park
    A male mule deer with an impressive rack that was tangled with a string of Christmas lights.  They were wrapped multiple times around his antlers, but he was still dragging another 30 feet of line behind him.

    Montana-Neihart-Pilgrim Gulch
    A moose positively laying waste to what appeared to be a very nice backpacking tent.  Dude’s going to return to camp to find his “home” completely destroyed.

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