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    Hi bike lovers, I just wanted to share with you my new finding. I came across with this FUELL Fluid e-bike today in Indiegogo. Honestly, who would like to ride this e-bike?

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    Honestly, who would like to ride this e-bike?

    I’ll pass. The MTB components look cheap, and I’m not a fan of the shape of the frame. It could be a good choice for folks who are unfamiliar with MTB or new to the sport, but I don’t think a lot of mountain bikers are going to be excited about this.

    If I have to ride an eMTB, I’d rather ride this one.

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    I understand this is from a shill/spammer, but from their own website –

    We designed the Fluid e-bike with you in mind – you, city lovers and outdoor adventurers. “

    So yeah, not even designed for singletrack use. Probably is a decent city-lovers bike. Full disclosure, I used to own a Buell motorcycle and had a good friend who raced on the Buell team.

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      I understand this is from a shill/spammer

      Totally. Figured I would have some fun at their expense. 🙂

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