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    Auger In: Is a deep soil sample

    Flying W: Both feet become unclipped and rise above your head as you try to save it. Usual result; refer to Auger In.

    Just a couple off the cuff that were missed. 😄 Later,


    Trail Gnome: What we blame for crashes that just have no other explanation.


    How about a "Bleed a Minute Vine"? 😄 Later,


    Single-speed; a mountainbike with only one available gear.

    when i used to live upstate, here in MI, idk how many times i saw ppl on single-speeds! what are the advantages to only having one available gear?


    oh yeh, you guys forgot the bacon!! 😃

    bacon: scabs on a rider’s knees, elbows, or other body parts.


    How about the "Wait a Minute Vine"? Like a Bleed a minute vine just no thorns. 😄 Later,


    How about "Mach Stupid?" Used to describe a speed that no one in their right mind should be going through a particular section. 😄


    Is that like "Velocity Stooge"? Just asking. 😄 Later,


    Cobweb Duty: The first rider on any given trail in the morning ends up with a face full of cobwebs.


    Dirt Dart, That says it! 😄 Later,



    I am looking to replace a bent wheel. However the original wheels I have say "32h SSW26". Ihave no idea what that means. Should I look for wheels that match that size exactly or is there a range I should look for?




    TACO is the word. 😄 Later,

    "fat_billy" wrote

    TACO is the word. 😄 Later,

    I thought bird was the word…Have you heard about the bird??? 😆


    The Bird was the word untill I tacoed a wheel on a dinosaur turd. 😄 Later,


    Like Whoop-Dee-Doos if you’re comparing to dirtbiking. Great workout! We have a 90,000 square foot riding arena nearby and they have two awesome pump tracks. Great workout!


    Whoops are cool but it is the deedoos that cause issues. 😄 Later,


    I cannot believe ya’ll left out "Huck" the art of jumping an obstacle without a traditional ramp 😼


    To Huck requires Luck, doesn’t it? 😄 Later,


    Fat Billy….. Yes!!! Luck, and a big set that clanks!!! 😆

    "fat_billy" wrote

    To Huck requires Luck, doesn’t it? 😄 Later,

    No, just having FUN!

    Hucking a ledge drop is the bomb!

    Good point made 1sikkHucker, a just term that was left out…. 😄

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