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    Just read that a couple guys in Squamish rented a $10,000 mountain bike and never returned it. Turns out the ID they provided was stolen. Ouch!

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    Well, it’s short on details but the article title states that it was recovered so I guess we weren’t dealing with criminal masterminds.

    On another note, who in the hell rents a bike worth $10k without a more rigorous screening than just someone willing to hand over an ID?

    And LOL at the existence of a $10k consumer bike.

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    Yeah, I’m really surprised a shop would rent such an expensive bike in the first place. Sounds more like a test ride situation than a rental.


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    Title is misleading, they are covering several stories.

    A 90’s Honda Civic was recovered, nothing about the bike getting recovered.  Too bad, that bike is worth way more than the Civic!

    The stolen ID used to rent it was returned to the owner as well.

    I get taking an ID, but also a credit card should be taken as well to have a hold put on it.  From what I can tell, they only had the guys ID, not a credit card.  This whole thing is easily avoided with VERY simple and reasonable policies put in place…

    take an ID AND a credit card and ACTUALLY look at them!  A GPS tracker hidden in the bike is also a solid idea when sending a $10k bike out the door…

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    It really sux that people do this sh!t.  While I agree with @FrankS29 one of the things I love about MTB’ing is that people in the community tend to be really chill.  Kind of reminds me of how things were when some of us older riders were young.   Situations like this only reinforce the feeling of not trusting anyone and that’s just unfortunate for the community.


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