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    I know Greg has visited the Boa factory in Colorado, and we’ve written about how their reel closure system supposedly has a lifetime warranty. Well, I recently got a chance to see how the warranty process works after ripping a Boa lace due to snagging it on a log.

    There is a special Boa website where you can request replacement parts, and it’s easy to use. The process starts with some questions about what happened to your Boa system and which parts are broken. I then found my shoe (well, sorta–I actually had to consult with Louis Garneau to find out which dial I needed exactly) and added the reels to my cart. There was no charge at all, and I received the parts within just a couple days.

    To remove the reel, you’ll need a Torx #6 bit, which is super tiny. I’m surprised Boa doesn’t provide one; luckily I had a Torx #6 in a computer repair kit I own. I followed the video instructions for removing the reel and threading the laces. As I learned, the “laces” are actually cables, similar in construction to a derailleur cable with housing. It took me several attempts to get the laces wound onto the wheel correctly, but I eventually got everything working.

    Anyway, despite the minor inconveniences I experienced, overall I’m pretty stoked about the process. Just the fact that the Boa system is so modular is really awesome!

    Unfortunately I have another pair of perfectly good MTB shoes sitting in my basement because I ripped a buckle off one shoe and haven’t been able to track down a replacement buckle. 🙁


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