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    If I go to the main webpage, all the articles are from two years ago. If I go to the articles page I get new videos and articles, but it is always covered with ads and I cannot read all the article. Anyone else having these issues?

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    On the home page I think it’s just a matter of the guys re-posting older content (from 2016) just to keep things (relatively) fresh.  I suspect there are probably plenty of newbs that are reading that stuff for the 1st time.   As for the Articles page, it seems to work fine from both my computer (pc) and phone (iphone) screens.

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    The ads seem to be laying out onscreen correctly for me on the articles pages, as well as within articles.  For reference, I’m using Chrome running Win 8.1 Pro (w/media center).

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    Alvin, what size screen are you on? The ad placement might have something to do with screen size, I’ll take a look and see if I can replicate the issue.

    We don’t publish a lot of new content on the weekends so popular articles from this time last year and the year before tends to pop up there on Saturdays and Sunday.

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    I just went to Chrome settings to look at the version and when I did, chrome updated. problem seems to have cleared. I thought chrome updated automatically.

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