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    I’m looking into getting a good running/cycling watch. What do you guys use for tracking bike rides/workouts?

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    Great question… I’d love to see what people are using (the latest in watch type gadgets).  Some time ago, I researched and tried a few watch solutions… didn’t really find anything that made me go “WOW, gotta have it!”.  Garmin seemed to have the coolest at tat time.  I’m still using my phone… Runtastic app on an Android.  Has a nice Mountain Bike “version” of it.  Similar to Strava, but like the interface better (personal preference).  Not so big on the soclial aspect of these type of apps (never really use it), but more interested in stats and mapping (real time and reporting).  Works very well with a nice web interface for laptops/PCs.

    One (personal) observation has been, watches I’ve worn while riding tend to get damaged during wrecks.  My phone seems to survive being tucked away someplace.  That alone has kinda kept me content with just using my phone.

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      I’d love to be able to afford a fenix 3 but it just seems like a ton of money, has anyone heard anything about the Garmin Forerunner 230? thats kinda what I’m looking into right now.

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    I’ve been using a Garmin Vivoactive HR, my first GPS watch. It’s not fancy and it’s not pretty to look at, but it tracks my rides and tells me the time which is all I want. Price was the main factor at just over $160 at Best Buy (after they price-matched




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    I use the Samsung Gear S3.  It works ok for tracking rides through samsung health, which will upload to Strava.  I got the LTE version so I can use it for a phone in an emergency and having a map in case I get lost is nice too.

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    I would go with one of these…

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    Definitely the Petek Phillipe, or a nice Panerai, PAM 201.

    In all seriousness the Fenix line is BULLET proof and can double as a GPS.

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    I’ve been using a Garmin 920XT for the last couple years.  Works great – GPS logs my rides and has a step counter for just walking around.  Battery lasts for about 3 weeks using the GPS 3 – 4 hours per week.

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    I’ve been using the Garmin Forerunner 35.  It works well for tracking rides and runs, and you can select the activity type from the watch so you’re not having to edit activities after-the-fact.  The Garmin app is very intuitive and will up-load to Strava.  It’s about the size of the Apple watch, which works well for me because I have the wrist size of a 10 year-old.

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    There are a ton of really good options out there.   It really depends on:

    (a) what features are most important to you?
    (b) how much are you prepared to spend?

    I track my workouts with a Garmin FR 620.  When I purchased this model a few years ago I chose it for the following reasons:

    • It’s a great tracker for running as well as cycling.
    • GPS tracking capability
    • I wanted a device that is compatible with a heart rate monitor chest strap (my experiences with wrist based measurements such as Apple watch and Fitbit show far too much variability especially with high intensity workouts).
    • Ability to capture running cadence as well as a few new features such as ground contact time, vertical oscillation and stride length – at least they were new when I bought it. (yes, I am somewhat of a data geek)
    • Ability to analyze the data post ride/run.  I use Garmin Connect to review the data from my workouts (although I think the new upgrades make the site less useful than it was) and the ability to sync that data with just about any other sports data analytics site such as Strava, Sportstracks, Endomondo, etc.

    Since I purchased this device the technology/functionality has continued to improve and the prices have come down.

    Just decide what you want and your budget.


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