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    *Disclaimer* This is my first forum post so if I’m doing something wrong please let me know…

    I’ve been doing some light mountain biking for the last two years on my cheapie Costco bike and now I’m looking to upgrade to a slightly better one. Being a kid on a babysitters salary I don’t have much money so the budget is pretty tight. I live in Arizona and mostly ride long distances in sand, gravel, and rocky terrain. Right now I ride mostly ride xc with some climbs, however I also like to try some more advanced trails and sometimes even commute on the road sometimes. I don’t know much about biking, but I was able to find a few choices that would work:

    Giant Talon 3:

    Diamondback Hook:

    Diamondback Overdrive:

    Raleigh Tokul 2:

    Now I know in this price range I won’t be getting any ultralight amazing mountain bikes but I really just want something to have fun on. I was wondering if anyone on here has any knowledge/experience on these bikes and which one has the best bang for the buck on parts. Any other bike suggestions would also be greatly apreciated!

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    Most components are pretty close to the same quality, I would say the Raleigh has the slightly better derailleur, and with the Alivio 9 speed derailleur will will have the option to add a Wolftooth road link, and switch the cassette from the 12-36  to a wide ratio 11-40 if you need more range. I am running Alivio 9 speed 11-40 on one of my bikes.

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    I’ve been on my Raleigh Tokul 2 for a couple of years and I don’t have any complaints. It’s a little heavy, but like you mentioned it’s expected with the budget. I switched to a 1×10 w/ sunrace 11-40 and absolute black oval chain ring. Lightened the bike up by a good amount and i enjoy the range i get. It’s the only bike i’ve owned so i can’t compare, but i can say that I’m really happy with it.

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    Don’t forget to check local Salvation Army and Goodwill


    from time to time you will find a good used bike usually for under 100 dollars.  It may need a seat or tires or grips.  When you see the bike google it with your phone and get the details on it.   You might be surprised at what you can find

    Shop once or twice a week and eventually you will find a bike at this type of store.

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    So, I thought I typed up and submitted a reply, but apparently something went wrong… Sorry if it double posts. Anyways, here are my thoughts:

    I wouldn’t recommend the Hook or the Tokul 2. They both have a very limited range of gears (1×8 and 1×9 respectively). Since you said a good amount of riding will be long distance/commuting, you’ll find yourself running out of gears as you get up to higher speeds.

    The Talon 3 and the Overdrive both have 3×8 drivetrains. These 3×8 drivetrains are a bit outdated and out of fashion, but they will give you a much wider range of gears for a variety of riding types.

    If you can find a Raleigh Tekoa Comp for a good price (it’s currently $999 on Amazon, but I got mine for $600), I would highly recommend that bike. It is a XC oriented bike, but handled singletrack very well. It has a 1×11 drivetrain with good components, a decent fork, and good hydraulic brakes. The Tekoa Comp was the bike I purchased a year and a half ago as I got back into mountain biking. I sold it a few months later to get a full suspension trail bike, but I still stand by the Tekoa Comp as a very solid starter bike.

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    I have to disagree. While the 3×8 will give you more range, it is not as much as most people think. For one thing you are not suppose to use the two highest gears on the cassette when in low range in the front, or the two lowest when in high range to avoid cross chain tension.

    The effective gearing for the Talon has the lowest useable gear speed at 100 pps cadence 7.3  Kmph and the highest useable gear speed 49.7 Kmph. The 1×9 has 100 pps cadence numbers of 9.2 Kmph and 37.4 Kmph. Most people cannot maintain, no matter what the gear ratios are, more than 35Kmph (20mph) for any length of time and rarely use top gear when it is geared that high.

    Final reason why I disagree is because my wife has a 3×8 Acera on her bike and I have a 1×9 Alivio on one of my bikes. I have had very little trouble with the Alivio, be we have had a fair amount of issues with the Acera not shifting clean and being hard to adjust. The Alivio is a step up in quality in the Shimano line. Deore would be the next step.

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    Thanks for the responses guys! As far as the gearing my current bike has the acera 3 by 8 and it works well for my needs, but I generally only use the middle gear on the front. Thanks for the suggestion about the takoa comp, it looks like an awesome bike but I don’t know if I want to go with 29 wheels.

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    As others have said, you should definitely consider a used bike as you can get a bike with better quality components.   Not sure where you are located but you can check Craig’s list or parse through the following bikes listed for sale on pinkbike by location:

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    Stanner, I think before anyone can make any suggestions it would help to know what size you are. Height and weight have a lot to do with what is comfortable for you. I was sure my next bike would be a 29er, but after getting an opportunity to ride a 27.5 I knew immediately a 29 was awkward for my build. I also like the acera 3×8 and though it took me a bit to get it adjusted after breaking it in, I haven’t had any issues, as it sounds like you haven’t had with the one you have. I totally agree with the suggestion to keep an eye open at Goodwills and St Vinnys. I see some quality bikes for cheap at those stores more often than one would think and there’s nothing like going through a bike from the inside out. Good luck with whatever you decide, Smoky


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