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    In case you missed it, check out this video of pro rider Rachelle Boobar smacking a tree with her face. Thanks goodness she’s ok!

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    Daaayummm. That could have easily caused some serious injury.

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    Ugh! Ouch! I’m glad she’s okay. I kind of wish I hadn’t watched now. I hope I’m not distracted thinking about this when I’m riding later today! LOL

    But this will also be the video I’ll share with anyone who doesn’t want to wear a helmet.

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    I’ll share with anyone who doesn’t want to wear a helmet.

    She’s probably wishing she went with the full face that day.

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    Yeah, probably true, Jeff. I know I was wishing that on a ride last month when I did a faceplant on the ground. lol

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    I almost always wear a full face!!!

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    That was hard to watch.  Very happy to see her smiling at the end.  (LOVE her toughness!)

    I suspect many of us could make a mini movie about epic fails like this if we had someone filming us on every ride (I know I could! LOL)

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    Amazing lack of technique for a pro rider.

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    Ouch! Hope she’s ok.

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    Amazing lack of technique for a pro rider.

    Or she was tired? Even pro riders have bad days.

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      Good answer Jeff! I would estimate 95% of my falls happen when I am breathing like a grizzly bear, and going two mph.

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    Rachelle isn’t actually a pro, but a pretty advanced rider nonetheless. She used to work for Pinkbike and now works for GT and was kind enough to show us around Whistler on one of her bikes not long before the crash.

    Glad she’s OK, she’s a super nice person! Sounds like she made it out with only a broken arm.

    Whistler has been incredibly dry, so my guess is that the rock slab is very dusty/slippery, steeper than it looks on video, and she got a bit off line, which happens to all of us.

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    Matt, that makes sense. I’m sure she’s a nice person – just noting what looked like an elementary error that precipitated the crash. I hope she is back in action and having fun.


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