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    More negativity. I’m curious to how much negative attitude people get while riding. On nasty single track i see almost none except for a hiker occasionally that has a attitude that im riding a trail that mountain bikers  built and they did nothing , but rail trails can get congested like a morning commute. I see the same attitudes you would see driving on the rail trails and i’ll have say its pretty darn sad. Whats your beef ? Just wanna take them on some nasty physically suffering single track and say why are you taking so long lets go, move it! Just more unneeded stress where it should be about loosing the stress.

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    @killer_climb   Dude, I think this is the thread you should post in.  I’ve included my fair share of rants.  It’s kind of like post-ride therapy.  Lol.


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    killer climb: can’t say I see this negative attitude or negativity on the trails. I read about it on this site and I am sure it is out there but not sure I have come across. I was just noting the other day when I was riding how all the hikers I came across were already of the trail and yielding to me. I never had a chance to yield first. Not sure if they heard me coming first or what. Had the same experience with some bikers I was going faster than. I thanked all of them. I got to thinking this is almost always my experience. Pleasant and whoever is aware first yields and is cool with however you are using the trail. This may be my area. I ride in the Central Kentucky area mainly and maybe it is the people around here. Even when traveling I have yet to catch a bad vibe from hikers, mostly mutual respect for each other.

    The only bad feeling I get is when I (unintentionally) sneak up on a hiker or they don’t see me coming down the trail and the hiker gets startled. Not because I am flying by them or around them but because they thought they were alone and are startled. That feeling when you realize someone is right there on you with no warning.

    Sucks you have experienced the negativity. I would challenge you to not let others negativity or disposition control/effect you. You bring others up because of your killer positive attitude. Let others feel the stoke coming off you and make their day better.

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