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    Anyways, this skewer is super-cheap, there are much better skewer setups out there. It was put on a $400 bike and I was riding it like it was $4000, but still.

    I’ve reviewed a couple bikes from Bikes Direct (the Motobecane Night Train and Fly Team titanium,) both of which sell for $1000+. IMO, these bikes offer a great value for the $$.

    The only bike I have purchased from Bikes Direct was a $300 singlespeed, and honestly I was pretty disappointed with the quality. My conclusion is that once you get below a certain price, there’s no such thing as a decent mountain bike from anyone, BD included. Think about it this way: the department stores that sell $400 mountain bikes have WAY more volume than BD, plus they don’t have the same overhead as a local bike shop. I found the $300 BD bike I purchased to be similar to what I would have expected to find at Walmart for $199… or less. The bike doesn’t even have gears!


    Well said, I feel ya!  I get the impression though that a better job on the frames would make BD a much more amazing place.  Frames are heavy and old-school geo. Specs are great and all at the price points, that’s for sure.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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