Any NYC mountain bikers out there?

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    I’ve been doing a little research and have been amazed to find that bike-legal singletrack actually exists within NYC. For anyone who lives or rides in the city, what’s it like? What are your favorite trails? When you get a chance to ride outside the city, where do you go?

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    NYC trails are surprisingly good.  Cunningham Park in particular I think is hands down where the locals love to go.  It’s in Queens, easy access to the subway, and there’s a friendly local bike shop nearby.  The park has very minimal elevation, but it’s narrow singletrack, fun to do a few loops.  There is a very nice pump track that just recently got revamped and a very cool free ride section.  Lately some sections have been changing and made a little more technical, but overall it’s a great beginner to intermediate park.
    Near the city there are also great parks.  Out east in Long island you can find Stillwell Woods park, Glacier Ridge, Cathedral Pines, and East Setauket.  North of the city (about a half hour drive) I just rode Graham Hills for the last few weeks and its fun.  900ft of elevation with some fast flowy sections for intermediate and advanced riders, punchy climbs, and good beginner areas.  There’s also Sprain Ridge Park which I’ve heard is fun, and Blue Mountain Reserve in Westchester which is technical and fun.
    And if you get tired and wanna ride a bike park, a 2 hour drive west will get you to Mountain Creek Bike Park in Vernon, NJ.  US DH Open was just held there and it’s fun as hell.  There’s even a video online of Richie Rude shredding there in case anyone wants to be convinced.
    I’m actually sad that I’m leaving NY soon, but I’ve heard there are fun trails in Texas, if anyone has any suggestions!

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    Thanks Ricky! I really want to get up there soon, from what I hear CLIMB does a great job.

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      There is some surprisingly good riding in NYC, over 30 miles in one area if you hit everything

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    Just bought a mtb to start riding trails.  New at it.  Is it generally crowded?  When is a god time to beat the crowd?


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