Any mountain bikers out there carry an EpiPen?

Forums Mountain Bike Forum Any mountain bikers out there carry an EpiPen?


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    Working on a story and would love to hear from mountain bikers who carry EpiPens on their rides. What kind of allergy do you have, and how do you carry your medicine?

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    I have the Type 1 ‘Beetus and on longer (2 hrs +) rides I carry my glucometer and insulin goodies. The only thing I am really allergic to is stupid people, but there is no known cure nor deterrent.

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      One of the guys I ride with has an app on his phone that beeps whenever his blood sugar gets low.

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    Unfortunately I carry one due to a bee allergy. I wish I could ride bagless, but the addition of the EpiPen makes this a little more difficult. I generally always wear a Camelback because of this to hold the water, tools, and EpiPen. I have tried to go bagless by using a combination of DaKine gripper and a small toptube/ stem bag for phone and gear, but it couldn’t really handle everything. I ended up returning them both

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      Have you ever had to use it on the trail?

      I assume you have to get a new one every year or so when it expires. If you don’t mind my asking, how much does an epipen cost you out of pocket?

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    I have a bee allergy so always carry Epipen.  So far no stings  on trail.

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    Jeff, my daughter carries an EpiPen with her at all times, including during a ride or run.  She has nut and fish allergies.  Although it might sound far-fetched that an anaphylactic event from a food allergen could happen in the middle of the forest, she has had this happen during a trail run.  Just before the run she came in contact with a peanut butter-contaminated utensil at a friend’s place, then later wiped sweat from her face around the mouth with her hand and instantly had a reaction.  At the time she didn’t carry Pens during her runs.  Luckily she was near a road and the ambulance was able to get to her easily. Now she goes nowhere without a Pen.

    She carries them in a slim Nike runner’s waist pack for quick access.  Works well even on a trail ride.  This one:

    Hope this helps…


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