Any gay bikers out there?

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    Do any clubs exist?

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    You can still be gay and ride with straight guys. Nobody cares if you gay or not as long as you don’t try to slip it in on the trail. I honestly don’t care who my riding partners are as long as they are respectful.

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    Can’t speak for everyone but most MTB’ers I know/ride with seem to be pretty open-minded people. We’re all out on the trails because we like riding bikes so for me, sexual orientation doesn’t play into it.

    Would be interesting if there were some gay MTB clubs though.

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    Haven’t heard of any, but like the previous posts have stated, bikers are an inclusive bunch.  Good luck

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    Man, those guys were great!

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    im not gay – but i am a happy biker!!!


    good luck in your search – or just ride it baby!!!

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    Think you’re on the wrong site buddy.

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    I like to segregate my riding groups as well.  I’ve been looking for a club for left-handed partially deaf riders with little penises for years but so far, no luck.

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    Yup, there are gay mountain bikers out there! I’ve been mountain biking since 1983 and I fall into the category of a mountain biker that happens to be gay. I completely understand the point of this question! And while it shouldn’t matter, it does. Difficult to find someone in my world that’s into mountain biking and skiing and happens to be gay (and open about it)!

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    For the people I ride with, I don’t care what their sexual preference is, what they’re political views are, or any other non-MTB preferences.  We’re mountain bikers.  When we’re on the trail let’s talk bikes, components, trails, lines, features, riding direction, etc.  Now if you want to throw down some brews afterward and shoot the bull just do it with people you are comfortable with.  The world is much more accepting today and I think you’ll find most people really don’t care.  However, while most won’t care about your sexual preference, straight guys probably don’t want to talk about guys… just sayin’.

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    Old thread, but I remember back in the day there was a mountain biker who won 14 NORBA downhill titles and 11 world cups, 1994 world championship,  two World Cup overalls, etc. Her name is Missy Giove and she’s gay. Sex really doesn’t matter much in cycling unless you make it matter.

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    According to Merriam Webster, the top definition of gay is: 1) happily excited 2) keenly alive and exuberant: having or inducing high spirits

    Going by this information I would surmise that just about every mountain biking group out there is gay.  I mean, who isn’t happily excited, keenly alive, exuberant, and in high spirits when they’re bombing down an awesome trail?

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    I was having a similar difficulty finding lgbt+ oriented clubs so I decided to form one. We’re based on the front range of Colorado but I’m hoping the group will eventually extend outward and become an online forum for us. Check it out on Facebook if you’re still interested in finding like-minded mountain bikers. We’re out there for sure.

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    I’ve been looking for some heterosexuals to ride with for years!

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    Yep, gay mtn bike here. Totally agree with prior posters about the open/inclusiveness of mtn bikers. Never had any issues riding with anyone I want. It’s really all about the ride. I ride with an awesome group of straight guys that love to joke and play. Lots of fun gay joking.

    That being said, would love to find another gay rider.. if they’re good and fun!

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