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    I have a newer, serviceable full suspension MTB. But I am not a big fan of the color: green. Seems it’ll cost an arm and a leg to get it professionally painted. With that said, has anyone ever tried using a car wrap vinyl film, like this one? Thanks!

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    I have painted bikes in the past and because there is not a large area of surface anywhere it is much easier to paint than a car.  witch some videos on painting with spray cans and I bet you will like how it turns out.


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    Man, I like that car wrap idea. If you decide to go that route, let us know how it worked. One of my bikes has a paint scheme called Clown Puke, and I’d love to change it up.

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    you could go to a powder coat shop and they would be happy to paint your frame

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    I ordered the wrap on Amazon last night… then after looking at the small parts and tight areas of the bike, I said forget it and then canceled the order. I’m just too lazy to put in the effort.

    I watched some spray can videos on YouTube but I think you’d have to sand out the current paint job first. I’m afraid I might do a crappy job.

    I may look into the powder coat shop option.

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      Have you priced powder coating?  I thought about powder coating an older bike some time ago.  The estimate was over $200, assuming, of course, I stripped all of the parts off.  Kinda pricey compared to paining.  Then I starting (over) thinking about post process stripping of surfaces where the thicker powder coating might mess with tolerances (head tube, BB, seat tube, derailleur hanger, etc.).  There also seems to be mixed opinions about durability.  Even the shop I went to questioned it.  The way they put it, powder coating is pretty tough against rubbing, buffing, weathering, but not so much against direct sharp impacts.  Although I personally always thought powder coating was tough (but I have managed to chip it plenty of times on non bike applications).  Unlike chips and scratches in paint, you can’t just touch up or buff out powder coating in the same way.  But, I do like the look you can get from powder coating.  Anyway, all this was enough for me to abandon the idea for the older bike I was thinking about coating.  If you go that route, I’d love to hear how it turns out.

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      Yeah at this time, anything over $100 to either repaint of put powder coat on my bike costs too much for me. I may have to revisit the wrap vinyl film idea if I no longer can stand the green color.

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      Is it just a solid green paint currently, without any other stripes, etc.?  If so, maybe consider partial painting?  Highlights, stripes, etc.  Maybe that’ll take away some of the emphasis of the green color.

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      Mostly solid green. With your idea, there are some decals I can cover with the wrap.

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    Have you considered Plasti-Dip? I haven’t heard of it being done on a bike, but it might be worth a try…

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    Powder is the way to go. If you know anyone that is into hot rods I bet they could hook you up with a good local shop that wont drain your pocket of green stuff.


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