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    hi, I have been biking on and off, have a Marin bike since around 2006 and I mostly use it on the bike path.

    I would like to get more into biking and i know for sure i do not want a road bike, so I picked 3 models that seem OK for what I want.

    im about 5.4

    Specialized Pitch Comp 650b

    Rocky Mountain Soul 730

    Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29

    not sure what other info I should provide


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    Those are all pretty good choices for what it sounds like you want to do. Just pick the least expensive one!

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      thank you very much for the advice, they all seem similar to me, in terms of parts, are they also similar quality, or is there one that has a better frame and worth upgrade at some point?


      thank you

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    The frames will all be great. Specialized and Rocky Mountain are big companies so they put great quality into whatever they make. Plus, they will all have a good warranty, as long as you buy from a reputable shop.

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      Hi Jeff, Patrice here, in charge of Bicycles Quilicot website.

      That’s not nice saying we aren’t legit without doing your homework. (Especially as the co-founder os Singletracks, you must know how the industry works)

      Rocky Mountain and Specialized allow websites to sell their bikes online, they only prevent from shipping them. In our case, we allow only a “Pick up in store” option at the checkout process.


      It’s like saying Singletracks will send me spam emails if I login through Facebook 😉 Singletracks Facebook login

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    Sorry Patrice. We get a lot of spam posted to the forums, and this particular post was loaded with links to Admittedly I’m not familiar with, and seeing those bikes listed for sale online raised red flags for me. But as you pointed out, listing Specialized bikes for sale online is OK, as long as they’re picked up in store.

    I’ll amend my initial post.

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      Thank you Jeff!

      The fact that a french website come up in the OP search is because we have a good SEO. (and no blackhat 🙂 )

      Keep up the good work with Singletracks! Maybe we’ll have a chat one day when you’ll featured the best LBS in East of Canada (once we have an english version tho)

      I wish I could edit (delete) my post but looks like I can only Edit this one

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    Found a really good guide here for beginners looking to buy something quality online: HOC.

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    I just love the stromer ebikes .. they are amazing ..  i am going to purchase from quantumebikes.. the price is high .. but the bike is amazing for beginners

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    Aside from the models that you are looking at, I would tryout a 29er first if I were you. At 5′-4″ it may be a bit too tall and not as comfortable as a 27.5. I am 5′-8″ and much more prefer a 27.5 or even a 26 over a 29.

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    I would checkout your local bike shop for advice on a bike.

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    I can advice you fat tire bike,if you are riding on off road and in the city.The closest relative of this model is a hardtail mountain bicycle,so you can use it in mountain riding too.Check this article if you need more information

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    I would go to a LBS and try out the bikes. You may or may not like it after riding it.


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