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    Hey guys, I’ve got a fairly new bike and I’ve just realized after riding it for a while that the controls feel a bit out of place. The bike is a Cannondale Trail 6, and it comes with Shimano m315 hydraulic disc levers and Shimano Altus 2×9 shifters. The shifters feel fine, but the brake levers currently feel like they are way too far out. However, because of the shift indicator window, it looks like adjusting the brake levers inward, independently of the shifters, isn’t really an option. So, I was wondering if it might be possible to swap the order in which they are put on the handlebars in the first place, and maybe that would give me the proper placement I am needing?


    Here’s some pictures so you guys can see what I’m talking about:

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    The shifter position doesn’t look too wonky, but try moving the brake levers out a bit. When you grab the grips in a comfortable position, you want your index finger to rest at the outside curve at the end of the lever. Once that’s dialed where you want it, move the shifter so that your thumb reaches it easily, without having to move your hand. Lastly, move the lockout remote sort of out of the way a little bit.

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      ziphead, I think you may have misunderstood me or I didn’t explain very well. The brake levers need to go inward, not out. With the current setup, the shifter gets in the way of this. I’ll have to take everything off, and put the brake lever on first, and then put on the shifter. My concern is whether or not there is too much of a gap that will be caused by having to put the brake lever behind the shifter window piece when I do this.

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    I have Shimano m315s on my trail bike with similar shifters, I moved my shifters about a half inch closer to the grip, so the thumb lever is under the grip, and put the brake outside the indicator. This puts the end of the lever right at my index finger.

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      Alvin Mullen, did you have to take everything off and reorder it by putting the brake lever on first? I feel like mine is on there backwards at the moment. Either that or it’s just bad design… I really don’t even care about having shifter windows, and this whole debacle is making me consider going with something different.

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    Just undo the brake lever clamps and let them hang off the bars while you loosen and move the shifters (and lockout remote) to where you want them. Then just install the brake levers where they feel comfortable – whether that’s to the right or left of the shifters makes no difference – and go ride. Bring an allen key with you to the trail so you can further adjust everything (up or down) as you ride.

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    On my set up, I have the brake mounted on the inside of the shifters. My index fingers sits on the curved end of the brake handle and my thumb is in easy reach of the shifters. I have shifters that do not have gear indicators on them which gives me room to make the switch. Without the indicators, I also have enough extra room for my dropper post lever right next to my thumb. Not sure how dependent you are on the gear indicators but, I found it very easy to get use to not having them. I have Shimano SLX shifters with can be purchased without indicators.

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    So, just for the hell of it I tried taking off the grips and putting the brake lever on before the shifters to see how it would work. It did NOT work. The indicator windows are so obtrusive that it doesn’t allow for any other placement option of the brake levers. Having the levers on the inside of the shifters made WAY too much of a gap between them and didn’t look like it was going to work at all. To anyone having this issue in the future, do yourself a favor and just get the shifters without a window…

    I’m so disappointed in this design, and I have zero need for indicator windows. I’ll be upgrading soon for sure.

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    The indicators are different, but here is how mine is set up. 


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