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    hah dude that is an awesome video you should out some my favorites on youtube. here is my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/spazjensen

    Vids like that make up like 2/3 of my favorites on there.

    And if you like the music that goes with all the videos, then here is a playlist that goes with all the vids containing the same songs and music that they use in the videos, lotsa ROAM stuff.

    http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standalone … yDeUgEJyQf

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    [quote="ChiliPepper"] I am in the middle of cutting some stones sort of. quote]

    Cutting stones…as in like crack stones or meth stones

    just kidding again
    😆 😆 😆

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    Awesome vid CP. I love watching freeride videos, especially when they have really good filming like the one you posted.

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    You crazy freeriders!

    This is more like it 😃


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    Yes, it’s a few minutes from work, and I do ride it faster, a lot faster!
    I didn’t film, nor do I star in that recording, and I would use less mellow music, but that’s just me 😉

    It’s Lair o’ the Bear and it is definitely in my top 3 fave rides on the Front Range.

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    I’ll second the Lair O’ the Bear being a favOrite,it’s a really cool trail.
    Man slacker,how close do you work to lair o’ the bear?Back when I had just got outa high school me and a buddy rented one of those studio apartments right next to the highway in morrison and we used to have BIG partys there,one night somone drove a stretch a limo right up in that micro size driveway,hahahaha,thought I was seeing things at first,hahahaahaha.Place was packed.

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    I work at C470 and Santa Fe

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    That was Beautiful!

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    great video, thanks for sharing…

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    Cool vids!

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    Great video, over my head for sure….


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