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    Greetings Fellow Mountain Biking Community,

    I am a trail advocate, avid mountain biker, and board member of my local mountain bike association.  I’m introducing a new generation of bike light to our community that will completely change your night riding experience.  Full disclosure, I am part of Mystic Devices and our new product the Hydra3, but I would not be part of it and promote it if I didn’t believe it is truly the only bike light you’ll ever need.

    You can learn all about it on our Kickstarter here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/564144577/hydra3-bike-light-the-ultimate-night-riding-experi

    But basically, this new technology automatically lights up berms and turns – like headlights on high end luxury vehicles.  It has a 2-hour runtime on full brightness and can be connected via USB-C to an external battery pack to ride infinitely.

    Reply/Send me your thoughts, questions, opinions, etc.  Thanks for supporting!

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    Interesting concept.

    Some riders prefer the redundancy of multiple lights. It’s a mission-critical item that one really can’t have failing, whether due to the unit itself, user error or a crash. As modus operandi I never night ride with a single light. Also, the performance of one light on bike and one on helmet works perfectly for what I do. I can’t imagine swiveling my head to look at what just moved in the bushes and seeing blackness.

    Good luck making a go of it…

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    Good concept, but to second pedlr, just tonight i over shot a landing sent my bike tumbling along with myself.  My bar light became dislodged i had to find it in the bushes and zip tie it back on.  Also, i had to scrape the sod out of my helment lights buttons.  I ll never ride with just one light, just in case.

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    Personally think this is a great idea! Way to innovate in the lighting area other than just making some 6000 lumen behemoth.

    Really like the looks of the curved bracket to center the light, always hate that my current set up is off to a side.

    Like the others mentioned I will probably still ride with 2 lights because getting stuck in the woods in the dark is not my idea of a fun ride.


    But congrats on your product, I’ll be keeping this in mind !

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    Really cool idea and I would buy one once it came out and I could read reviews of other people’s experiences over time. But I also agree with everyone about not riding in the woods with just one light. Everything manmade eventually fails.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I completely understand your reservations about riding with only one light at night.  And to be completely honest, living in the mountains of Colorado, I am always riding amid big cats, bears, coyotes, etc.

    But my solution is keeping the handlebar light and putting my headlamp in my pack.  I can’t stand the way a headlmap feels on my helmet, it makes me feel like I’m a bobblehead.  9 time out of 10 my ride is smooth and have no need for the headlamp.

    We’re working on getting some reviews out there so stay posted!

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      Thought of this thread last time out in the dark…

      How does one wear a headlamp with a helmet on? What kind of headlamp makes a rider feel like a bobblehead? I have a 350-lumen light atop my helmet, and I don’t even feel it there. It works fabulously for climbing, so my primary light remains off until descending.


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