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    Maybe this is an indication of just how mainstream mountain biking is really getting, and Walmart wants a bit of the action.

    $2,500 frames and $6,000 bikes at Walmart?  What’s this world coming to?  🙂

    Walmart Launches High End Viathon Bike Brand

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    Doesn’t really surprise me considering Sam Walton’s  grandsons are avid mountain bikers who have done a lot for MTB advocacy and trail building. I wouldn’t really be surprised if these are really good bikes. But I don’t really shop at Walmart, so I won’t be trying one anytime soon. Still, will be interesting to see how riders who ride them like them.

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    The people who shop at Walmart, do not have the money for a 6K bike.

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    They may not have it all at once, but they could holiday special Layaway! LOL! the Bentonville area trail system is amazeballs because of wal mart, and I love my country club neighborhood owned by the Robson Family who are married to the Waltons we have 13 miles of paved bike path and adding 5-7 more.

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    Good point about the Walton’s interest in mountain biking and the what they’ve done for trails around Bentonville.

    What I can’t see happening though, it trustworthy assembly of a $6k bike at Walmart.  I’ve seen some pretty scary stuff assembled there… handle bars on backwards and upside down, forks in the wrong direction, etc.  Not trying to knock Walmart workers, buy hey, it is what t is.

    As for the perceived stereotypical Walmart shopper not being able to afford a $6k bike… well… I’ve seen more than a few that live in a mobile home, on welfare, and drive new $50K 3/4 four wheel pickups.  Again, not knocking anyone, but, yeah, it is what it is…

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    Very good point about the assembly/initial tune up aspect i hadn’t even thought about that. do they even have a proper workstation at walmart or a cardboard box and a 15mm wrench?

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      As I recall, the WalMart Bike Assembly Area is just a space where the assembler they hire sets-up his tools (yes, they are provided by the assembler) so it’s going to be very hit or miss…

      For this caliber of bike I hope they’d go the route YT and Fezzari have (can’t comment of the other non-Bikes Direct direct sales companies, but I assume the better ones do as well) where they fully assemble and tune the bike before they do the bare minimum of disassembly for shipment. Personally, I’d prefer they’d just leave it packed and I assemble it myself, but that goes for every bike I’ve bought…

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