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    Hey guys, I need ideas. So my wife got me a present for fathers day and is telling me to get myself something else. I honestly don’t know what.. I would like to keep it kinda cheap, so if you had $50 and could get yourself anything, what would you get?

    Thanks guys/gals!

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    Don’t beyond a thing, have an experience. A state park campground with trails one weekend. Campsites are 20-50 per night depending on where you live.

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    Really depends on what you already have vs need.  I’d start with contact points first: grips, pedals or saddle (although the latter will usually run more than $50).  A good set of gloves is another option. Right now, i’d either use it to replace my rear tire.

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    If I was going to spend $50. I’d go with one of following (keep in mind I am cheap):

    1) new stem and bars (60mm and 740mm riser from Brand-X)

    2) Nukeprood ARD rim protection

    3) new chain and derailleur (both 8 speed and they’ve seen better days)

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    A few grams of weed.

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      A few grams of weed.

      +1.  Too funny!

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    Grips and gloves. Maybe a couple of bike tools you want to add to your collection if you want to work on your own bike.

    Or a date night with your wife. Maybe next year she will get it right 🙂

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      My wife and I recently just had a kiddo so she has been super busy and really stressed. We rarely, rarely buy each other gifts for anything. We surprise the other with a day trip; France, Italy, Belgium..etc. The best perk of being in Germany. She didn’t get anything wrong, I love what she already got me and I think it’s awesome she’s letting me get something else of my choosing.


      But I found what I’m getting, tubeless kit with the crank bros mini pump. 😀

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    Rob Juric

    I was joking about your wife getting it right. I have four kids myself so budget is limited for gifts and my wife struggles to find something for me. May be that I am hard to buy for. Sometimes I get a gift certificate to the bike store about $50 like you and I know she is thinking of me.

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