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    Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to trail riding and want to make some changes to my bike. I have a 2007 cannondale f400 and since I live in Florida I would like to convert it from 3 front rings to 1 knocking it down to a 9 speed. Is this something I can do myself with a little elbow grease and a lot of cursing? Or should I suck it up and have the work done at a shop?

    Thanks for the input.


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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Easy to do yourself. Just have to buy a single chain ring. I went with a 32T same as my middle ring. Plus you save the weight by removing the front derailer and lever. Just make sure you put it behind the spider like the mid and small chain ring mounted. If you mount it on the outside like the large ring you will have issues with the chain lining up.</p>

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    If  you are happy with the gearing you have already,, meaning you never leave the center ring and were going to get a single front that size, the answer may be remove the front shifter and derailleur and leave the front rings for awhile to make sure you like it that way.  If you do, or if you find only occasionally you want to use the small ring for low gearing, (which you can stop and switch by hand on the trail) you could replace the big ring with a bash ring and leave everything else the same.

    That way you always have the option of using the small ring for long climbs.

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    It’s a very easy swap to make. Get yourself a narrow/wide chainring, mount it up, and shorten your chain. You’ll need a chain breaker to do that, but they are a relatively inexpensive tool ($10-20 depending on the brand).


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