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    I’m looking to buy a new bike but I can’t deside between these two. They are almost the same in price but pretty different setup. Now I’m riding 2016 superior xf 907

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    Not sure which would be best, but there is probably no wrong answer here. Have you ridden both? I will say that my 2018 Stumpy AL Comp has exceeded my expectations. It is REALLY good.

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    Mountain Bike Action just did a review of the 2019 Remedy.

    Edit:  Well, delete that. It was if the 9.9 and you’re looking at the 8.

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    I have a Remedy 8 and really like it. The ride will feel likely very different between the two of them due to the different suspension platforms, though geometry looks similar-ish, with the Remedy being a bit more on the aggressive side of things. I moved from a 2017 Reign to my Remedy and notably, it’s not quite as fast on the descents, but feels more composed & precise. It climbs very well indeed.
    I would definitely rather have the SLX brakes on the stumpy, but brakes are cheap. The GX eagle drivetrain on the remedy is great once you’ve got it set up nicely. I feel like for advanced riders, the Fox Rhythm grip damper forks leave a lot to be desired in terms of damping, whereas the Lyrik on the Remedy is an excellent fork.
    Wheels on both are not great…
    Better dropper on the Stumpy.

    It’s a tough call for sure, and depends what you want out of the bike and if you plan to make upgrades!

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    If I’m looking at the right Trek (Remedy 8), it is $1000 more than the Stumpy… One could do a few fun road trips to distant epic rides for a grand. Just sayin.

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      The Remedy is $400 NZD more than the spesh ($250 USD?) and has a better spec, in my opinion.


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    They are closer in price than I first thought. Apparently Specialized has had a price increase since the 2019s hit the market because the original 2019 AL Comp was $3k. Glad I got my 2018 closeout at $2400. The 12 speed cassette might be nice though.

    Remedy 8, $3999. (there are cheaper Remedys than the 8).



    Stumpy, $3320.



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    Thanks you for replying guys! Im not an advanced rider not a beginner either somewhere in-between. I’ll go with the stumpy I think. I like the looks and hope the fork will do great.


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    The Fox Rhythm 34 is a great fork for reasonable coin. Love mine. Here’s a link to MBAs test.



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