2018 Norco Charger 2 $949 vs 2019 Trek X-Caliber 8 $1149

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    For a starter hardtail is it worth the extra $200 + tax for the Trek? In my opinion the Trek looks better but the Norco is less expensive and has a better mounted feel and ride.

    I dont know $h!t so please help me out?




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    Remarkably similar bikes.  The only difference in componentry/spec that I see that the Trek holds over the Norco is boost spacing (front and rear? hard to tell) and potentially through axles.  Boost spacing would make it potentially (assuming it’s a standard that sticks) easier to upgrade in the wheel department.  Through axles are stiffer and sturdier, but I’m not convinced that it’s a huge advantage unless you are doing some serious stuff.


    The trump card, though, is that you seem to like the feel of the Norco better and that is worth a whole lot of componentry and price and etc.

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    Test Road the 2018 Kona Honzo AL DL and it ruined the Norco Charger’s chances of coming home. If it would of arrived in time maybe it would of made it home but it didnt. Too bad. Pick up my Honzo soon.

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