Do Women’s Mountain Bikes Offend You?

Womens Mountain Bikes - Specialized Yeti Beti Juliana Liv

The term “women’s mountain bikes” can be offensive to some people, as it automatically triggers the perception that there is some difference in capabilities–maybe even a weakness. But other women have no issue with it whatsoever and in fact appreciate the effort that’s been made to make mountain bikes that work well for women.

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WTB Has Spent Two Years Developing the Unicorn of Women’s Saddles: The Koda

WTB has spent two years developing the Koda saddle, which is optimized for the female anatomy. However, WTB is quick to note that this saddle isn’t women-specific, and that many men have found the resulting shape quite comfortable. Full Press Release from WTB: FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY – August 30, 2017 – WTB is unveiling their new female-focused …

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My Downieville Downfall

Who among us doesn’t have a story, about ourselves or a friend—that badass guy or gal who flings themselves over gap jumps, nose wheelies this or that, then breaks their femur tripping on their PJ’s falling down the stairs? Fractures their foot taking out the recycling? Well I don’t gap jump, and most wouldn’t label …

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The Top 10 Women’s Mountain Bike Skills Camps to Attend in 2017

Keen Rippin Chix

Get out your calendars ladies; it’s time to schedule a mountain bike camp for this summer or fall.  And you’re in luck, because there are plenty of options to choose from.  With more and more women flocking to the sport, the number of female-only skills-building and coaching clinics has grown.  From jump-practice at Whistler bike …

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Pivot Mach 4 Carbon Mountain Bike Review

You don’t see a lot of mountain bike reviews from me here on Singletracks because for years I’ve struggled to find a bike that is light, capable, and most importantly, fits all 5-feet, zero-inches of my petite self. While it may not always be obvious what size bike one needs, in my case I’ve been watching and …

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The New Bell Super 3R Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet – Reviewed

Mountain bike helmets may not be all that exciting, but we all know they’re important–arguably the most important article of riding apparel. All full face mountain bike helmets must meet certain safety standards, but some lids certainly stand out in terms of their comfort, versatility, and added safety benefits. The Bell Super 3R is an …

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Juliana Joplin C Long Term Review

In 1999, pro rider Juliana Furtado created the first women’s-specific mountain bike with the help of Santa Cruz Bicycles. Called the “Juliana,” this first bike eventually evolved into its own brand by the same name. In the years since, Juliana has become a key player in the charge to create bikes for women who can …

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Endura Women’s Singletrack Rain Jacket Review

The Endura Women’s Singletrack jacket is a nylon, fully seam-sealed 2.5-layer waterproof, “breathable fabric” rain jacket with under arm zipped vents, and a hood. I put the “breathable” in quotes because everyone says their rain coat is breathable, and then you end up just as wet from your own internal combustion as you’d be if you just …

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