10 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

10 Best Womens Mountain Bikes 2018

These are the 10 best women’s mountain bikes for cross-country mountain biking, trail riding, and enduro. Women shouldn’t feel limited to buying a women’s-specific mountain bike; rather, these types of women’s bikes only add to our options. See the best bikes for women from top brands like Juliana Bicycles, Liv Cycling, Trek Women, Pivot, Yeti Beti, Specialized, Salsa, and Ibis.

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Do Women’s Mountain Bikes Offend You?

Womens Mountain Bikes - Specialized Yeti Beti Juliana Liv

The term “women’s mountain bikes” can be offensive to some people, as it automatically triggers the perception that there is some difference in capabilities–maybe even a weakness. But other women have no issue with it whatsoever and in fact appreciate the effort that’s been made to make mountain bikes that work well for women.

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Help Grow Women’s Mountain Biking in Nepal by Taking the Trip of a Lifetime

Want to shred epic singletrack while surrounded by the highest mountains in the world? You can! Want to help get more women on mountain bikes in a developing country? You can! You can do both with a new all-ladies mountain bike retreat in Nepal in November of 2017, presented by Potential Energy. This fall we will mountain …

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WTB Has Spent Two Years Developing the Unicorn of Women’s Saddles: The Koda

WTB has spent two years developing the Koda saddle, which is optimized for the female anatomy. However, WTB is quick to note that this saddle isn’t women-specific, and that many men have found the resulting shape quite comfortable. Full Press Release from WTB: FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY – August 30, 2017 – WTB is unveiling their new female-focused …

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My Downieville Downfall

Who among us doesn’t have a story, about ourselves or a friend—that badass guy or gal who flings themselves over gap jumps, nose wheelies this or that, then breaks their femur tripping on their PJ’s falling down the stairs? Fractures their foot taking out the recycling? Well I don’t gap jump, and most wouldn’t label …

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