Sorry for the lack of news

If you’re worried we’ve abandoned the blog thing, have no fear! After an international excursion, the singletracks blog will be back to daily updates starting next week. As it turns out French and German kezboards are tough to tzpe on and some of the letters are mixed up 🙂 More to come soon…

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24 Solo mountain bike movie

Movies about mountain biking are usually pretty predictable. Start with an interview/profile of a tatted up rider, show him/her do some gnarly jumps, and end with “outtakes” of said rider taking some nasty falls. Score the film with a little punk or heavy metal and you’ve got yourself a legitimate mountain bike movie ready for …

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Riding with your Dog

I agree with Kevin on his thoughts on riding with dogs. I have an energetic 95 lb shepard-lab mix, Jackson, as my running buddy (personal trainer might be more appropriate) but I have way too many concerns about taking him riding on the trails with me. Jackson can run 3-4 miles no problem but once …

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Free mountain bike video game

If you’re a gamer wanna-be but would rather spend $300 on bike bling than on a wii, check out this free mountain bike video game. It’s full of precarious drops and tricks, and larger than life energy pills to prevent that dreaded bonk. Thanks to Go Clipless for sharing this addictive game.

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Indoor mountain biking

Nope, this isn’t about Ray’s MTB Indoor Park in Cleveland – it’s the Red Bull Ride the Sky 2007 from St. Paul, MN. If you haven’t heard St. Paul has this crazy system of indoor skyways and covered walkways to keep people out of the cold in winter and Red Bull put together an awesome …

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Singletracks email newsletter launched

We finally sent our first email newsletter to singletracks members yesterday afternoon and the response has been great so far. To get the newsletter you need to have 1. signed up for a singletracks account, 2. opted-in for our email list and 3. have signed in to the singletracks website at least once. When all …

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The $242 track stand

Learning to track stand on your mountain or road bike takes practice and it’s tough for most people to hold steady for more than a few seconds. One rider in Oregon, however, learned it’s also expensive to do a track stand when he got a $242 traffic ticket for his performance at a traffic light. …

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MTB skills training

Seems like these days most mountain bike training focuses on improving physical endurance, but few take the time to teach technical skills. Most people are either just born athletes or they spend lots of time riding (and crashing) until they get better. Some groups are starting to address this gap in training through clinics like …

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Stripped: mountain bike movie

Graham at Go Clipless posted recently about capturing flow in mountain bike photography and since I read his post I’ve been on the lookout for good examples, particularly in MTB videos. The trailer for Stripped seems to do a good job at capturing flow, and the video isn’t confined to just one style of riding …

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