Why I Quit Mountain Biking

Sticking with mountain biking can be difficult due to family and time constraints, financial costs, and a lack of trail access. We explore the reasons people quit mountain biking, and suggest that former mountain bikers might just be worth bringing back into our sport.

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Riding into the Sunset on the Dusk Patrol

First the light changes, and the landscape is bathed in a golden hue. Sagebrush branches cast long shadows like skeleton arms reaching across the trail. Heat from summer sun is muted, and every shady spot feels like stepping into a cave. The dusk patrol has a different vibe than its antemeridian cousin – the dawn …

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To: Chico, CA. Thank You.

I estimate that the seed was planted when I was around 12 years old.  Our unremarkable lakeside town in Ohio had a small, private plot of woods just south of downtown, set aside by the owner for us to refrain from “trouble-making” activities. It was littered with questionably built jumps, a small pumptrack, and a six-foot launch …

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Search and Rescue: When the Unthinkable Happens

The peace and beauty of a backcountry ride is a mountain biker’s dream. Hitting up iconic routes like Colorado’s Monarch Crest is a bucket list item for many riders. For the vast majority, the Crest provides a mountain adventure replete with gorgeous scenery, sweet alpine singletrack and gnarly descents. For most, the adventure is followed …

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