Why Mountain Biking Is Good for Our Youth

Nowaki kids

With nearly two-thirds of kids in the US overweight, it is more important than ever for parents to instill good lifestyle habits in their children’s day-to-day routines.  Many people incorrectly assume chronic conditions are adult-only problems, yet insulin resistance and the development of arterial plaque starts in childhood, leading to diabetes and cardiovascular disease later on. We discussed the …

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Is the IMBA Chapter Program Right for Your Club? Analyzing the Pros and Cons

Photo: Jackson W Moody

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has been evaluating all aspects of its chapter program since losing its Subaru sponsorship last May. Chapters have been involved in the process through discussions, surveys, and conference calls since November’s World Summit. Recently IMBA announced changes to the program, “Chapter 3.0 Elements,” and hopes to have the new …

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The “Troy Lee” Trail in Corona is About to be Lost to Development

photo: Brandon Geoffrey Ward

A new housing development proposed for the Skyline area near Corona, CA has recently put the popular “Troy Lee” mountain bike trail on notice. Built and developed by Troy Lee and some of the company’s early employees in the 1990s, the trail later came to be officially known as the Block Trail. The trail has been …

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Low-Fi Trail Traps Pop Up at Bethunes Gully in New Zealand

photo: Nic Sullivan

Sadly there is yet another report of trail terrorism targeting mountain bikers, this time at the Bethunes Gully trails in New Zealand. Nic Sullivan reports finding tree limbs deliberately placed on the trail to slow down or perhaps even injure riders on the popular mountain bike trails. Initially Nic and his riding partner thought the branches had fallen …

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California Representative Tom McClintock Introduces Legislation to Remove the Blanket Ban on Bikes in Wilderness

If new legislation finds its way to law, Mountain Bikers may once again be able to enjoy amazing vistas like this one in the Idaho's Boulder White Clouds (photo: boulderwhiteclouds.org)

According to a March 3, 2017 Press Release from the Sustainable Trails Coalition (STC), Congressman Tom McClintock (R-California) has introduced legislation which would allow federal land managers to regulate bicycle use on wilderness trails, effectively removing the blanket ban on bicycles which was put into place in 1984, some 20 years after the original Wilderness Act …

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Oregon Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal Would Eliminate Treasured Mountain Bike Access

Among the 200+miles  of mountain biking access that stand to be lost in the proposed Crater Lake Wilderness is a 15.6 mile stretch of the IMBA Epic North Umpqua Trail (photo: cogwilde.com)

In what is becoming a depressingly-common phenomenon, yet more access to classic mountain biking trails is threatened by the potential creation of another new Wilderness area. After upwards of a thousand miles lost in Montana, Idaho and New Mexico, the newly-proposed Crater Lake Wilderness Area in Oregon has the potential to be the greatest loss …

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Updated: Legislation Aiming to Sell 3.3 Million Acres of BLM Land To Be Withdrawn

Lands within what is now the Bears Ears National Monument in Southeast Utah may be up for sale if House Bill 621 passes. Photo: Bureau of Land Management via Flickr Creative Commons

Update from the Editor, February 2, 10:32am: Apparently between the time this news article was written yesterday evening and it was published this morning, Congressman Jason Chaffetz posted on his Instagram account that he would be withdrawing House Bill 621 today: I am withdrawing HR 621. I'm a proud gun owner, hunter and love our public …

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Forest Service Says “No Evidence Bike Use Would Degrade Trails”

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 1-edit

A proposal has been put forth that mountain bikes be allowed on a historic trail in the Alleghany National Forest: Tracy Ridge, in Pennsylvania. The USFS conducted an environmental assessment about the fitness of this trail for mountain bike access and they found that “there is no evidence that bike use of the area would degrade the …

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