Video: Fat Bike vs. XC Skier

Back in December Greg posted a video showing a race between a snowboarder and a downhill mountain biker but here’s a new take: fat bike vs. cross-country skier. It’s pretty rad to see how much speed the skier gets even on the flats but the fat bike rider’s no slouch either. Who will win? Watch …

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Cinema Sunday: “Richie Felle XC MTB”

It’s rather rare to come across a well-edited cross country MTB video. Whenever I do, it really makes me stop and take notice. Richie Felle’s promo clip is one such video. Obviously, this isn’t going to be all action with massive drops and berms, but if you’re looking for something a little more artistic and …

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Cinema Sunday: “Beaten Tracks”

Beaten Tracks is a new series of 90-second mountain bike videos that pack in a ton of action in those few seconds. Check out the first installment in the series here: In their own description of the video, the editors wrote, “The film is about trail riding in all weathers. We worked closely with a …

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Cinema Sunday: MTB Strength Training Exercise

We know, you were hoping to sit on the couch and vicariously rip world class singletrack this Cinema Sunday but today we have something different. Call it “interactive” or “motivational” – either way, you’re gonna want to hit the gym after watching this video to get ready for spring riding!

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Cinema Sunday: Danny MacAskill, Inspired Bicycles

This is the video that started it all for the now-legendary trials genius, Danny MacAskill. With almost 29 million views on Youtube, odds are that if you ride a bike, you’ve seen this video already. Even if you have, it’s always worth another watch:

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Cinema Sunday: Stund Season 3, Episode 1

Stund is a lifestyle mountain biking series that usually puts out about five episodes per year. They feature a different location in each episode, spending only a few days shooting at each location. The result: some absolutely crazy riding and usually some nearly-as-crazy shenanigans. Episode 1 of Season 3 brings you some insane riding from …

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