Cinema Sunday: “An Evil Uprising”

On one unusually sunny and warm winter day in the Pacific Northwest, we set out with only the best of intentions to film a marketing video that would hopefully be used for the launch of our new 150mm carbon Uprising trail bike. You know the kind of video, scenic vistas, perfect weather and a bag …

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Cinema Sunday: “Diaries Down Under, Episode 2”

While spring is slowly creeping northwards through the United States, the riding season Down Under has been in full swing for months now! In their latest episode, Diaries Down Under takes a road trip to Queenstown (New Zealand) to check out the local trails. Watch the video here: DDU ‘Summer’ Episode 2 from Diaries Downunder …

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Cinema Sunday: “McKenzie River Trail”

Oregon has been on my wishlist for a very long time. I’ve heard so many tales of gorgeous weather, unending singletrack, and massive mountains. After years of wishing, this next August (Lord willing) I will finally be able to make it happen! I am currently planning on hitching up a Sylvansport Go camper and spending …

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Cinema Sunday: “Growing Up Whistler”

Twenty-one year old Ian Morrison is a true Whistler legend, and a nine year old Finn Finestone is well on his way. Despite their age difference, watch them tear apart the Whistler Bike Park. Watch the video here: There’s no doubt about it: growing up in Whistler gives you a serious advantage!

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Cinema Sunday: “Superflow Trail”

A little over a month ago we featured a video for Cinema Sunday about the making of a flow trail in the Czech Republic. While the first video was a little light on actual riding, this new edit from Slavik Petr is all action! Superflow Trail РRychlebské stezky from Slavik Petr on Vimeo.

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