Video: “BC Bike Race 2013”

The BC Bike Race is a seven-day mountain bike stage race that runs through British Columbia (as you might imagine). Traversing 217+ miles of some of the world’s gnarliest singletrack and climbing 25,000+ vertical feet along the way, the BC Bike Race is both grueling and a fantastic amount of fun at the same time. …

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Video: “Steep”

Krivan Peak, elevation 8,186ft, is a mountain in the High Tatras in Slovakia. A true icon for the local Slovakians, it is a classic hiking destination… but not many people would even think about mountain biking down it! You need to check out the trials-y, big-mountain riding in this video. And yes, you bet it’s …

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Video: Danny MacAskill “Imaginate” Episode 5

While the theme of Danny MacAskill’s new movie, “Imaginate,” was a closely-guarded secret during the four episodes leading up to the movie’s release, the secret is out now. Episode 5 of the behind-the-scenes series focuses on the actual filming of the movie, including many of the harsh crashes over three months of filming that Danny …

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Week in Review: Mountain Bike PODs

Every day of the week we feature an excellent user-submitted mountain bike photo as our Photo of the Day. Just in case you missed one or two from the past week, here are the seven most recent PODs that we’ve published. To view a larger version of the image, just click on it.

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Video: “Crankworx Daily – Enduro World Series and Air Downhill Final”

Handlebar Steve is reporting from Crankworx Euro all week. Tune in here to get his daily updates on all of the action! Crankworx Euro was home to the Enduro World Series on the 7th of July. Watch the video here: On day 5 the weather finally cooperated, and they were able to hold the Air …

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Video: “This Is Why We Ride”

Have you ever had someone ask you why you mountain bike, and been at a loss to explain the reason to them? The problem is, there isn’t one easy answer to the question “why do you ride?” It might sound like a simple question, but when you start thinking about it, the possible answers multiply …

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Video: Danny MacAskill’s “Imaginate,” GoPro Version

I’m sure you, and millions of other people, have already seen Danny MacAskill’s new video, “Imaginate.” But have you seen “Imaginate” from Danny’s perspective? This new vid from GoPro takes you to the first person perspective for most of the biggest “Imaginate” stunts, but even all of the third person shots in this clip were filmed …

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Video: “Chasing Trail”

Kenny Smith does things on a mountain bike that no one else does. He finds possibilities in places where no one else even looks. Bigger, steeper, faster—that’s his style. I love it when riders look at a trail in a different, creative way and approach the trail in a way that creates a totally new …

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