Listen: Tips for Getting & Staying Fit for Mountain Biking

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, we’ll be sharing tips for getting and staying in shape for mountain biking. We’ll cover the basics for getting started, how to increase distance and speed, nutrition, and more. Finally, we’ll talk about methods for maintaining mountain bike fitness and how to avoid over training syndrome.

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6 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy While You’re Recovering from an Injury

Well, now you’ve done it.  Overcooked a switchback, misjudged an off-camber turn, or just plain crashed — hard.  Not just “ring-your-bell-so-you-can’t-remember-your-own-zip-code” hard, but “ligament-tearing, bone shattering, time-to-go-to-the-ER…NOW!” hard.  Or, it could be that several “minor” get-offs have resulted in a chronic condition that makes getting on the bike less and less appealing with every passing …

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How (and Why) To Mountain Bike in the Heat

Last week, the temperature in Phoenix hit 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes… summer has arrived. Fortunately, some of us are “used to it” and can harness the impending gradual increase in heat to acclimate. But, what if you’re not? How do you prepare for the physical stresses? And furthermore, are there benefits to mountain biking in the heat? Training in …

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How to Overcome Arm Pump: Get Out of Your Head!

Between 20 to 25% of mountain bikers suffer from chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS), the medical term for a common, performance-related issue: arm pump. But, it’s not a just a physical problem. Stress, anxiousness, distraction – all of these brain drainers lead to a tighter grip and an exacerbation of somatic symptoms. Thankfully, there are plenty …

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How to Prevent Leg Cramps When Mountain Biking // Tips to Avoid Cramping

As temperatures start to rise, many mountain bikers–myself included–are dealing with a sore point: muscle cramps. While muscle cramps are fairly common and mostly benign, they can be painful and annoying to deal with during a mountain bike ride. This article will briefly discuss common causes of leg cramps, and will offer tips for preventing and dealing …

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Top 5 Tips for Your First Downhill Race

Every mountain biker remembers their first race vividly. For myself, it was in May of 2013 on a cold, Canadian, snowy weekend. As it was my first downhill event, I had little experience and was a loner on the hill who wound up dead last. It was a good reminder at the time, being a cocky …

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