How To: Mountain Bike Stream Crossing Tips and Techniques

Mountain bikers encounter all kinds of obstacles on the trail, and each one requires a slightly different technique to address. Today I want to share some tips for making it across a stream crossing without taking a bath in the drink. Momentum Is Your Friend Honestly I could just end the article with that heading because momentum is …

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How to Improve Your MTB Life: Attend a Training Camp

One of several rides through the urban desert mountains of Phoenix during the week-long training camp, building both skills and camaraderie.

Mountain biking is an amazingly diverse sport. Complementing the plethora of styles and terrain, the motives to participate in cycling are equally varied. Many of us are recreational riders, dabbling in the race scene here and there, cultivating our own unique experience as life permits. Others take to racing on a more serious level by …

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“Gluten-Free” Won’t Make You Faster!

Photo © Pia McDonell of McDonell Media

It feels good to go fast. It feels even better to win (hell, just be honest with yourself). To get there, some people are willing to try almost anything–EPO, steroids, HGH–pick your poison. The majority of us take a more “healthy” approach to reap personal fitness and performance gains. We do things like… diet. But, define “healthy?” Going …

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Mountain Biking: It’s Good for Your Heart

McDonell Big Bear

Most of us start mountain biking because it’s fun. Hitting the trail is a satisfying way to get outside, hang with friends, challenge your mind, and of course, there’s beer. The list goes on, and we love it. But aside from these more obvious advantages there exists a major internal benefit–it’s good for your heart. Heart disease (CVD) is the number …

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Unleash Your Inner Beast: Why You Need to Do an Endurance Race this Year

Photo: Flynn George

You know that voice? The one deep down inside that likes to keep you in your place, the one that second guesses all the time, tells you to be afraid, and says it’s just easier to give up? Yeah, that voice. This is the year you teach that voice to put a sock in it. …

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