Listen: MTB Upgrades for Under a Hundo

Don’t have the scratch for a new rig this year? We don’t either. Luckily there are at least half a dozen MTB upgrades that can be done for under a hundred bucks each to make your bike ride like new. Don’t have time for a listen? Read Greg’s article on this topic published in 2014.

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A Multi-Tool for the Future: Topeak Mini 10 Review

While I can appreciate a multi-tool that can fix any and every problem on my mountain bike, can cut cloth for a tourniquet, and has a spoon for an impromptu mid-ride chili feed, some of the smallest tools on the market can cover 90% of the emergency repairs that you’ll encounter. The Topeak Mini 10 …

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How To Repair a Carbon Bike Frame at Home

Disclaimer: I’m not an engineer or composites expert by any means. I’m just a guy that likes working on bikes and trying to figure out new things. This guide is intended to be a helpful resource for someone considering repairing their carbon frame at home. Do NOT try to repair carbon fiber handlebars, seatposts, forks, …

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