How to Install a Front Fork

Pretty much the biggest upgrade you can give your mountain bike is a new fork but the installation can seem daunting even to experienced MTB tinkerers. If you’ve been considering a fork upgrade but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck: here is the step by step procedure that nearly all shops will use …

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Hydraulic Disc Brake Service

Hydraulic disc brakes have many of the same components as mechanical disc systems with some minor but important differences. For one thing hydraulic disc brakes rely on fluid to push the pistons while mechanical brakes use a cable under tension pulling a lever to activate a cam device with a piston attached. Second, hydraulic brake …

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SRAM MTB Tech Channel on YouTube

SRAM recently created a channel on YouTube with how-to videos showcasing SRAM, RockShox, Avid, and Truvativ service and installation. So far the most popular SRAM channel videos cover how to bleed Avid brakes, how to rebuild a RockShox Monarch shock, and how to change the SRAM X0/X9 chain. Most of the newer videos cover mountain …

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How to service mechanical MTB disc brakes

Disc brakes are now found on mountain bikes of nearly every price point and they are quickly becoming the standard. Of the multitude of types and brands, disc brakes fall simply into one of two categories: hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes are generally cheaper (cost-wise), but not necessarily cheaper in quality. Both …

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13-Point Mountain Bike Maintenance Checklist

13 point maintenance checklist for your mountain bike

Here’s a 13 point maintenance checklist for your mountain bike. With a few tools and regular checks, you can keep your mountain bike ready for any trail.

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How to change your MTB tire

Whether you’re on the trail or in your driveway, it’s no big deal to fix a flat mountain bike tire. In the ideal situation, all you need is a pump, tire levers, and a new tube. If your tire still has some air pressure left in it, release the air by pressing in on the …

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How to replace your bottom bracket

This article illustrates how to remove an internal-cup ISIS bottom-bracket. With the proper tools, this job will take at the very most 10 minutes, given a bike that has been well taken care of. I say again, this is a walk-through for removal of INTERNAL BEARING BOTTOM BRACKETS. Not illustrated is the removal of the …

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How to replace a mountain bike cassette

This article is a step-by-step procedure on replacing a mountain bike cassette & chain. Featured parts used here are: SRAM 8spd (11-32) cassette SRAM 8spd Powerlink chain (top chain is old, bottom chain is new & longer) Tools required for this job are: Cassette lockring tool (SRAM cassettes are compatible with Shimano lockring tools) Chain-whip …

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How to fix or replace your MTB chain

To replace a mountain bike chain, you’ll need a chain-tool. Some chain-tools have removable bits that are different sizes for different link-pins. Most mountain bike chains have the same link-pin size, so do not be concerned if your tool only has one bit. The Park Chain-tool is a good choice, as it has a large …

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