6 Reasons Why You Should Repair or Upgrade Your Mountain Bike During the Winter

Remember those repairs and upgrades you’ve been meaning to do? Winter is a good time to get them done.

If you rode your mountain bike for a full season in 2016, especially if it’s a full-suspension bike, chances are good it needs some basic maintenance, servicing, and replacement of high-wear parts, such as brake pads and tires. If you wait until spring, you will be in a long line of people at the bike shop …

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The Best Mountain Bike Chain Lubes, Greases, and Cleaners


Over the summer, Chris Daniels wrote an excellent article covering pretty much everything mountain bikers should know about chain lube. If you missed it, I highly recommend giving it a read! We also asked our readers to weigh in on their favorite lubes for mountain bikes, and in looking over the data, we found some interesting insights. Wet …

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How To Lube Your Chain: A Beginner’s Guide


A bicycle chain needs lubricant to overcome mechanical resistance, prevent rust and wear, and keep your drivetrain in tip-top condition. If not used properly, the same lubricating compounds designed to protect and enhance drivetrain performance are inherently at odds with the very purpose for which they were created. To reap the rewards without suffering the …

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