Listen: MTB Upgrades for Under a Hundo

Don’t have the scratch for a new rig this year? We don’t either. Luckily there are at least half a dozen MTB upgrades that can be done for under a hundred bucks each to make your bike ride like new. Don’t have time for a listen? Read Greg’s article on this topic published in 2014.

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Podcast: A Simple Idea to Get More Women Involved in Mountain Biking

In this episode I talk with Leah, my Singletracks co-founder (and wife,) about her mountain biking experiences over the last 15 years and some of the challenges women face in our sport. Plus, Leah shares her simple idea for getting even more women involved in mountain biking in the future.

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Listen: Hacks To Improve Your Bike Climbs

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, we share our tips for improving your mountain bike climbs. Learn about bike setup, component choices, and suspension settings to make your uphill climbs more efficient. We’ll also talk about training techniques, body positioning, and mental tricks that will melt climbs away in no time. This episode is sponsored …

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Podcast: How We Use Smartphone Apps for Mountain Biking

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Aaron, Greg, and I discuss the ways we use our smartphones to make mountain biking easier. We’ll start off discussing apps we use for planning our trips, then talk about the apps we (sometimes) use on the trail. We’ll wrap up the discussion by covering the apps we use after …

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Listen: Must-ride Trails in California

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Greg and I discuss the best places to mountain bike in California. We’ll share our picks for the best bike parks, backcountry rides, and urban trail systems that are begging to be explored by bike. Whether you’re a native Californian or you’re planning a trip, tune in for our recommendations.

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Podcast: We Get the Scoop on the Future of IMBA from Executive Director, Dave Wiens

With radical changes taking place within IMBA, many people are wondering: where does IMBA go from here? What’s IMBA’s current stance on controversial topics like ebikes and Wilderness? What will IMBA do to remain relevant? We decided to get some answers so we went to the source: Dave Wiens, IMBA’s new Executive Director. Scroll to the bottom …

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