Vittoria First to Use Graphene in Carbon MTB Rims

vittoria_mtb_wheels - 1

Graphene is a modern technology wonder, said to be 200 times stronger than steel and yet extremely flexible and lightweight. Vittoria began experimenting with Graphene as a resin additive and found, “Graphene-enhanced composites have 10~30% improved material properties.” Among those improved material properties, the company found the additive made wheels more laterally stiff and that spoke hole strength …

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Domestic Terrorism Bill Introduced in North Carolina Due to Spikes Planted in Trail

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Back in February, a trail runner was impaled by a deliberately-planted spike at Pinnacle Park in Sylva, North Carolina. Now, local lawmakers have introduced a domestic terrorism bill that would qualify spiking a trail as an act of terrorism, according to a report on Many folks thought I was being facetious when I asked, “Are Trail …

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Polygon Square One EX – A 180mm Travel Trail Bike


Polygon has never been afraid to do something different with their bikes. Even their Syncline hardtail is distinctive. At Sea Otter this year, Polygon was showing their latest bike, the Square One, and it continues that heritage. For a little more background on the R3ACT-2Play suspension platform that makes this bike so unique, check out …

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Marin Wolf Ridge: First Look


At Sea Otter 2017, Marin was showing a new bike – the Wolf Ridge. It’s a 160mm travel 29er, which is entirely new to Marin’s line. That would be news in and of itself, but it’s the bike’s unique suspension platform that’s the real story. R3ACT – 2 Play Suspension Platform The Wolf Ridge utilizes the R3ACT …

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800 Lumen Bike Light From Garmin Gets Brighter When You Speed Up, Dims When You Slow Down


In yet another move beyond GPS units, Garmin just announced the Varia UT800, an 800-lumen light designed for both urban and trail use. While lights in this brightness range are widely available from countless brands (and even non-brands), the Varia UT800 is unique in that it can be paired with a Garmin Edge GPS to help conserve …

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SRAM Announces New Code Brakes


SRAM has just announced that they’re bringing some of the technology from their Guide brakes to new versions of the Code brakes. According to SRAM, the new Codes “use proven SRAM Guide design and technologies with a larger PiggyBack™ reservoir and 4mm bigger diameter pistons in the caliper to provide consistent and reliable power for all …

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Vittoria’s Fast-Rolling Mud Tire is a Rotating Oxymoron

vittoria_gato - 1

At Sea Otter last week I got my first look at Vittoria’s Gato, cross-country (XC) tire. On paper, the Gato seems like a pretty standard XC tire: it’s (just) 2.2 inches wide, weighs 760g, and features a supple, 120tpi sidewall. And in person, the tire looks to be fast rolling, with regular and densely-packed, medium-length knobs arrayed along a round profile. …

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