How to Get a Bike Industry Job

Job in the Bike Industry

Bike industry jobs can be hard to come by, since the market is extremely competitive. Many people consider these to be “dream jobs,” so if you want to get a job in the mountain bike industry, you’ll need to stand out. Here’s how to get a bike industry job.

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Podcast: We Get the Scoop on the Future of IMBA from Executive Director, Dave Wiens

With radical changes taking place within IMBA, many people are wondering: where does IMBA go from here? What’s IMBA’s current stance on controversial topics like ebikes and Wilderness? What will IMBA do to remain relevant? We decided to get some answers so we went to the source: Dave Wiens, IMBA’s new Executive Director. Scroll to the bottom …

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How to Follow Your Dreams and Ride the World: Behind the Scenes of H+I Adventures

If you look up Inverness, Scotland on a map, it looks like it’s in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Or better yet, for a sense of true scale, grab a globe. On a tip of land jutting out into the ocean, located farther north than over 99% of the population of Canada, Inverness isn’t centrally-located in …

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Must Listen: A Bikepacking Adventure in the North Georgia Mountains

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, we talk with Donald Hoefer and Kinzer Hewitt about bikepacking the Trans North Georgia route. Find out how Kinzer came to be known as Kinzer “Three Stove” Hewitt and hear the story of the duo’s harrowing pickup truck ride back to civilization after the ride ended. The Trans North Georgia bikepacking route …

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