How Strava Is Using GPS Map Data to Help Mountain Bikers


Last year, Strava users logged 9.6 fitness activities per second. Think about it: in the time it took you to read that sentence, 50 rides, runs, and workouts were logged by athletes around the world. If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered what Strava does with the data from those 300+ million activities, beyond the leaderboards and the kudos. Monitoring …

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7 Free and Inexpensive Apps that Turn Your Smartphone into a GPS for Mountain Biking


Using a GPS unit while mountain biking offers many excellent opportunities: tracking fitness goals, navigating unfamiliar trails, and documenting and sharing your adventures are just a few of the advantages of bringing a GPS along on your rides. But GPS units can be expensive, and while they may be advantageous, it can be difficult for some to justify the expense. …

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The Bryton Rider 330 Costs Less Than Other GPS Units, But Mostly Disappoints


Bryton Sport is a Taiwanese company that recently introduced a line of GPS units to the US market. The company leans heavily on marketing itself as a lower cost competitor to established companies like Garmin, while still delivering the same quality and functionality. Unfortunately I found Bryton delivered a mostly mediocre experience at only a slightly lower price …

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Polar Introduces GPS Watch with Built-in Heart Rate Monitor for Just $149


Finding a decent cycling GPS, let alone one you can wear on your wrist, priced under $150 is difficult. Yet somehow, Polar is offering the new M200 for $149, and it includes a built-in heart rate monitor. Officially, the M200 is “designed for runners” but even mountain bikers will appreciate the features this watch offers. For starters, it’s a GPS so …

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Garmin’s Fenix 3 GPS Watch Stands the Test of Time


It’s not often that we get the chance to truly review products over the long term. I mean, 2-3 months is pretty standard, but what about really long term? What about, say, a full year? That’s exactly what I got to do with Garmin’s Fenix 3 GPS watch (“Fenix” for short). Specs The Garmin Fenix …

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Pokemon Go Mountain Biking


On Sunday, Greg and I received a message from former Singletracks writer and Southern Wheelworks owner, Dustin Gaddis, “Pokemon Go & MTB trails. Seems like an article begging to be written.” I was vaguely familiar with the game, having just read an article earlier in the day about a girl who discovered a dead body …

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Opinion: Strava Sucks the Soul out of Mountain Biking


Editor’s Note: Bob Ward has been riding mountain bikes since 1985. Over the years he’s authored three guidebooks, owned and operated a mountain bike tour company, and much more. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of I was out riding one of my local singletrack …

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Polar M400 Lifestyle Watch Review

2016-02-01 13.30.16

I have owned a couple of Polar products and been pleased with them. The company appears to have a healthy relationship between industrial design and functionality that is rare. Consider the M400 here, alongside a wrist-mounted spaceship from a fruit-based gadget company. You’ll notice that the Polar has some of the same swoopyness without looking, …

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