Review: Brandon Semenuk’s “Rad Company”

As I pushed the DVD into my laptop, I tried to remember the last time I had seen a feature-length mountain biking movie. Heck, it’s almost hard enough to remember the last time I watched a DVD… with online movie and TV streaming via Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, I personally think that DVDs, along with …

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Video: “World’s Best MTB Freeriders Drop Their Best Jaw-Dropping Tricks | Suzuki Nine Knights 2014, Ep. 2”

Throughout the week-long Suzuki Nine Knights, some of the world’s finest freeride mountain bikers have been shooting at the impressive setup on Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy. Check out a collection of their best tricks. You can pick your jaw off the floor now. Watch the video here:

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Video: “Tom van Steenbergen Rides the Whistler Bike Park”

Tom van Steenbergen lays down fresh lines on the newly opened Whistler Mountain Bike Park trails. The video features Steenbergen’s signature laid-out whips, manuals and massive flips (including the first-ever front flip in the notoriously big Crabapple Hits). Watch the video here:

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Video: Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company Trailer

The trailer for Brandon Semenuk’s new movie, Rad Company, was just released today! The movie will feature a crew that’s been hand-picked by Semenuk, and if this trailer is any indication, these guys are getting absolutely wicked! Here’s Red Bull’s official description: Brandon Semenuk’s RAD COMPANY pushes the limits of freeride mountain biking and showcases …

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