Watch: DH Bike Vs Cross Country Mountain Bike – What Are the Differences?

What’s really the difference between cross country bikes and downhill mountain bikes? Neil and Scott compare. Downhill bikes and XC mountain bikes look kind of different – you really can’t miss that. But, looks aside, what are the technical differences that mean that the two bikes are so different and used for two such different …

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Watch: The Perfect Season – Rachel Atherton

In her first year with Trek Factory Racing Downhill, Rachel Atherton accomplished the unimaginable. She won every UCI World Cup event and the World Championships, achieving the first-ever perfect season in the history of World Cup mountain biking.

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Downhilling in Lenzerheide: The Whistler of Switzerland?

The name “Lenzerheide” will ring a bell in the minds of most mountain bikers around the world, thanks to this small mountain town having played host to UCI World Cup events in both 2015 and 2016. And unlike some venues who only host either downhill or cross country, Lenzerheide was home to both events. The World Cup will …

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Watch: HT T1 Clipless Pedal Review

Each pair comes with two different sets of cleats, 4 degrees and 8 degrees of float, to allow you to get the feel you like in the pedal. The retention system these cleats clip in to is very similar to a Shimano SPD pedal, but there is one major difference.  The HT retention system has a much …

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You Need to Wear Body Armor: The History of Mountain Biking Injuries

Smashed kneecaps, broken forearms, skull fractures, gnarly, full-thickness lacerations and sutures. (“Woah, that’s my muscle fascia!”)  Sound familiar?  Is that because you’re one of the statistics? If general participation in extreme and adventure sports required a blanket contract, this clause would most surely exist: “Ride at your own risk.”  A certain and expected amount of …

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