Why Mountain Biking Is Good for Our Youth

Nowaki kids

With nearly two-thirds of kids in the US overweight, it is more important than ever for parents to instill good lifestyle habits in their children’s day-to-day routines.  Many people incorrectly assume chronic conditions are adult-only problems, yet insulin resistance and the development of arterial plaque starts in childhood, leading to diabetes and cardiovascular disease later on. We discussed the …

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Microadventure Bikepacking: How to Tackle a Simple Overnighter

Enjoying Packsaddle Lake all to myself in the Big Hole Mountains

“Microadventure.” The word sounds contradictory. Originally coined by Alastair Humphreys, the word challenges the idea that “adventures” must consist of many days, and require travel and time off work. A microadventure can simply take place between when work ends and when you start the next day. Day trips are great, but a microadventure ideally includes …

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How To: Mountain Bike Stream Crossing Tips and Techniques


Mountain bikers encounter all kinds of obstacles on the trail, and each one requires a slightly different technique to address. Today I want to share some tips for making it across a stream crossing without taking a bath in the drink. Momentum Is Your Friend Honestly I could just end the article with that heading because momentum is …

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Watch: DH Bike Vs Cross Country Mountain Bike – What Are the Differences?


What’s really the difference between cross country bikes and downhill mountain bikes? Neil and Scott compare. Downhill bikes and XC mountain bikes look kind of different – you really can’t miss that. But, looks aside, what are the technical differences that mean that the two bikes are so different and used for two such different …

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10 Lessons I Learned in a Year of Bikepacking

Bikepacking - big hole mountains

Bikepacking is an incredible way to see a lot of country. The trip can be a quick overnighter, or spread over several days. This past year I set a simple goal to bikepack more. I ended up pedaling 700 miles over the course of 7 trips. The year prior I only bikepacked 40 miles – …

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Don’t Scare the Newbie! How to Take a First-Timer Mountain Biking


So, you have a co-worker or even a significant other who you think might enjoy mountain biking. Great! It’s always fun to share your passion with another person, but the thing is, taking someone mountain biking for the first time is surprisingly easy to screw up. So, before you invite your next victim–ahem, recruit–take a minute to brush …

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