“Here are the ten essentials that we carry with us on every MTB ride.”

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  • k2rider

    I guess if I ever move out of Southern California, I’m going to have to start packing a jacket. We may not have any water but luckily, our weather doesn’t change at a moments notice. You know when you walk out the door in the morning if you’ll need a jacket that day. Other than that, I carry everything else he suggests into video, no matter how short the ride is.

  • Schmo

    More great tips. These are some necessities you don’t want to hit the trail without. People have their own opinions on what and what not to pack for their ride. In my case I carry all but the zip ties and jacket. I added a roll of electrical tape to replace zip ties. The tape is much more versatile and easer to pack. Also tire boots – they will help cover a split in your tread or side wall on your tire. If need be you can use a candy rapper, the tape or a dollar bill to limp home. Chain lube for dry dusty conditions or long gravel trips.

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